This was yummy! Very flavourful and nothing to pick on for the taste. However, portion is really small (rice was about size of half a fist).

Cute cups!! Not the best matcha latte I’ve had but got these using the burpple beyond deals, so still acceptable.

Love the soft bun and juicy chicken thigh!! Goes well with the teriyaki sauce too. Would recommend for small eaters.

The sambal sauce is very fragrant, comes with a tinge of sweetness. This one’s a bit like a spicy version of their regular fish and chips. Enjoyed this too!

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Very big portion, definitely filling. It’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, goes very well with the sauces. Enjoyed this dish!


Portion’s not very big, good to come with burpple beyond! Has a strong cheese taste, not so much laksa taste. But it’s still quite nice, creamy pasta lovers might enjoy this. It’s a tad too salty for my liking though.

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Sorry for messing it up before taking a photo, was too excited to eat! Quite spicy but very nice fragrant prawny taste. Would recommend especially if you enjoy spicy food.

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Beef is tender, sauce is very flavourful and savoury. Pairs well with the rice as the rice balanced out the flavour of the sauce. With a runny egg to top it off!

Not too much matcha taste as I’d expected but it’s not too sweet so that’s great too!

Quite bitter, thankfully the grass jelly could balance it out a bit. Spent $4.60 but not really a fan of the bitter taste.

Toppings are quite nice, chewy pearls and pudding that isn’t too sweet. Earl grey taste is pretty strong too.

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