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Paddy Hills A nice place to chill and relax. A pretty quiet cafe, even on weekends. Tried their cappuccinos $5.50 per cup. Coffee was smooth and well-balanced. Not as acidic as most coffees out there. It is def one of my go to Cafe when I'm in the area. :) Address: 38 South Bouna Vista Road Singapore (118164) Hours: Mon-Wed 10.30-5.00pm Thurs-Fri 10.30-10.00pm Sat 9.00am-10.00pm Sun 9.00am-5.00pm
Hot Chocolate ($7) So creamy and smooth! I think this particular hot chocolate is made by pouring hot milk on chocolate to melt the chocolate into a creamy drink. There’re some specks of chocolate left on the sides of the cups which are nice. This definitely isn’t the most chocolatey or bitter chocolate beverage, but it’s a comforting milk chocolate drink overall that’s a good accompaniment to a meal at Paddy Hills as it won’t overpower your tastebuds so you can enjoy the food too.
Maple Sausages ($7 Add On) Originally thought this would be added on directly on our egg frittata dish, so we were amused when these four sausages were served on a separate dish. Guess they’re very particular how their mains are presented. For $7, these four sausages (about the size of an index finger) looked quite measly and sad on their own plate. Thankfully, they tasted good. They weren’t too salty, and the maple flavour was subtle, but did well to balance the savoury pork with a little sweetness. Probably wouldn’t order this again because it’s pricey, but I guess it would’ve been a nice part of the big breakfast main.
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