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No.18 Zion Road Fried Kway Teow is located right at the entrance of Zion Food Centre. You will normally be greeted by a queue during lunch and dinner timing. For $4, you can get a generous portion of kway teow with ingredients such as eggs, bean sprouts and cockles. My recommendation is to have it hot as you might feel jelak (β€œsick of it”) when it is cold. If you love wok hei, you should give it a shot!✨

KFC was surely very generous on the amount of cereal sprinkled on each chicken. The only difference from a zi char cereal chicken was it lacks a little sweetness. I felt that if the cereal chicken was made into bite size pieces (eg. cereal popcorn chicken), it would be really addictive! πŸ”

I’m sure many tourists face the same dilemma as us when deciding between Hing Kee and Four Seasons Claypot Rice as they are right opposite each other. As Hing Kee was filled with more people at that time, we decided to go with it. They have tons of combination of meats for their bao zai fan (claypot rice) but I decided to go with the good old classic chicken and lap cheong (chinese sausage). Be prepared to be surprised by the lap cheong. When you first bite into it, you will be greet by the juices of the sausage. It might look dry to you but DON’T BE FOOLED BY IT. It was really the highlight of the dish and complements well with the rice. Don’t forget to scrape out the charred rice too! It’s the beauty of claypot rice!✨

If I were to use one word to summarise it, it would be average. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not not good, it’s good quality, but just something we can find in Singapore. The dish that stood out most was the mango custard mochi rolls. The mochi was soft and chewy. A nice way to end the meal on a sweet note. ✨

As Mak Man Kee and Mak’s Noodle are just one store away from each other along Jordon, I was able to make a comparison before deciding which to patron. Surprisingly, the latter has lesser people even tho it has branded itself as the β€œBest Wonton Noodle in Hong Kong” in its website. On the other hand, Mak Man Kee had many locals dining even tho it was 5pm. I decided to go with the locals choice and was not disappointed at all. I ordered both dumplings and wonton wanting to see what’s the difference between both. The dumplings contained mushrooms and were bigger in size when compared to wontons. Aside from that, both had silky wrappers and similar fillings. I preferred dumplings as the mushroom added a nice texture to it. The noodles were cooked al dente and complements well with the broth with slight eggy noodle taste. ✨

Pork chop in Hong Kong never disappoints! It is always very soft and tender. The tomato sauce also complements the rice so well that you don’t need other ingredients to go with it. Kam Wah cafΓ© is also known for their flaky egg tarts and french toast. A must try when in Hong Kong! ✨

The chicken wings along JB Meldrum Walk are TO DIE FOR. I have been there countless of times and their wings are always tender and juicy. Be prepared to wait as they are barbecued upon order. There is only one store selling chicken wing along the street so you can’t go wrong. It’s beside a bak kut teh and drinks store. Do go earlier as they close once they sell out! Not sure what time they close but I always patron around 5-6pm+ when they just opened.

Went around dinner time and there was a long queue. Was expecting it to be good due to the long queue but it was only average. Prices were affordable (mains mostly $5.90) but this translates to smaller portion of food. I guess I would rather travel a little further to Nakhon Kitchen at Yishun Street 21 for better service and quality of food.

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The perfect breakfast and tea time snack. Toast is crispy with generous kaya spread ($2.60). Only wish for it to be served hotter! ✨

No frills and cheap ramen at the entrance of mangwon market✨

Tried both their signature pork chop bun and polo pork chop bun ($6.90 each). The polo version is a good combination of sweet and savoury. Pork is nice and tender. Only wish is bun is toasted longer for the crisp✨