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A very exclusive hitsumabushi at Duo Gallery Branch with 2 unagi cooked in different way which is Tokutoku shirayaki (seasoned with salt) and tokutoku kabayaki (seasoned with unagi sauce). Tbh, it was already magnificently taste even without the wasabi to spice up the bowl. Beside, the chef do put in certain effort to remove tiny bones of the eel.

Medium well cooked with high intense heat follow with slow charcoal grilled brings in some burned and preserved the juiciness within.

Crispy king prawn with the great q-ness! Worth trying especially for first visit in HongKong

Spiced fried chicken with cucumber, lettuce, sambal mayo between a milk bun. Serve with house-made kedondong pickles

Chicken mince patties, tomato relish, scrambled eggs, portobello mushroom, sautéed onions, carrots, French Brie and sourdough baguette

Signature triple soup produced using selected hamaguri clams, pork bones and Japanese broth

Delicious chicken tight comes with unique ingredients to spice up the “Lemak” rice

A tender and succulent steak served with prime vegetables, corn on cob, baked potato and bowl of salad

When you come to Penang. Char Koay Teow will never fail to impress you which you will never experience in any other states. The prawn are huge with strong wok heat which make the fried smell and taste good.

The grilled chicken chop as patties with evilness cheese. Strikes your tastebud and mixed of fried onions and juicies sauces!