They specialise in Northern Chinese BBQ, with the best of their menu being the skewers. Northeastern Chinese cuisine has many dishes originating from Manchu cuisine while also being heavily influenced by the foods of Russia, Beijing, Mongolia and Shandong. ⁣

Generally, the skewers here are rubbed with their house spice mix before being barbecued then served to your table. I do not know what they use but the spices definitely elevate the flavours to a whole new level. I tried many and no.3002 Garlic Moss [$1] as well as no.1057 Pigs Heart [$0.90] particularly stood out. The Garlic Moss displayed a good harmony of the natural sweetness of the vegetables with the spice mix. The Pigs Heart on the other hand was crunchy on the outside but tender on the inside, showing little gameyness unlike what I had expected. ⁣

As you might have suspected, the menu here is in chinese with an English Google Translation below it. (Look last Pic) It is not at all accurate but at least there are pictures above it. When they served the skewers, they came in large batches together so nobody really knew what we were eating except it was something that we ordered. Nevertheless, I really like the taste of the skewers with their special house mix of spices and I will return. It is definitely something special among the food scene in Singapore and very budget too with majority of the skewers being $0.90 to $3. -Foodier✌🏻

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However, when I was there at 12.30pm on a Saturday, they were completely sold out. So, I just ordered what was left - Beef Ball Soup and Noodles [$4].⁣

Because it was not planned, those 2 dishes certainly caught me by surprise. Firstly, the beef balls tasted springy with strong umami. The owner makes them by hand everyday and I can assure you their taste is completely different from any beef ball you buy outside. Secondly, unlike the usual MSG soup from many noodle shops in Singapore, the soup here was very refreshing. It was a clear soup but it had good concentrated flavours. Lastly, the noodles were thin, chewy with a strong onion taste. It may not be suitable for everyone but I certainly liked it as it paired well with the beef balls.⁣

Overall, I may not have gotten to eat the famous Hakka Yong Tau Foo set there but the Beef Ball Soup and Noodles were definitely not subpar. In fact, they were so tasty now I wonder how good the Yong Tau Foo is that it overshadows the success of these 2 dishes. I shall return another day, albeit earlier to make sure I try them. -Foodier✌🏻

It is a small Japanese eatery that does not have many seats but maintains very good business all the time. Everyday, one dish is selected to be the daily lunch set and sold at the cheaper price of $16.80 instead of it's regular price of $18.80. ⁣

On this very day, I got the Cheese Mille Feuille Tonkatsu set [$16.80]. The tonkatsu itself was already fried to perfection. Building on that, gooey and stretchy cheese in between the tonkatsu complemented the crispy pork very well. ⁣

With this set, I too enjoyed a Soy Radish appetiser, unlimited Japanese rice, unlimited cabbage, refillable tonjiru (miso soup with pork) and an Aiyu jelly dessert. Among them, the tonjiru especially stood out to be a high quality broth with concentrated flavours. I had 3 bowls of that soup and 2 bowls of rice. One eaten alone with the Tonkatsu and the second mixed with soup. ⁣

~$20 after GST may not be cheap but it is value for money for this quantity. For a good time here, it's definitely worth it. -Foodier✌🏻

Went for the 12 piece omakase set course[$125] again and again it didn't disappoint. By far one of the best sushi places to go to for a special occasion.

I ordered the New York Strip 300g[$21] which came with 2 sides, I chose corn bread and corn, and was very pleased with my meal. The steak was perfectly medium rare and was both tender and juicy. I thought the shallot gravy complimented the steak really well and is a good change up if you usually order mushroom or black pepper gravy. My friend on the other hand ordered the signature original ribs[$21] which also came with 2 sides but felt that it was rather bland and simply unimpressive. So I recommend that if you do check out Meat N' Chill, stick to the steak to avoid disappointment. Foodier🖖🏼

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However, at The Carving Board, that is not the case. Located below Block 252 Jurong East Street 24, I was able to enjoy a hearty restaurant-standard meal in a revamped coffeeshop setting.⁣

Here, I had ordered Pork Lentil [$16] which consisted of Grilled Spanish Pork Loin, Du Puy Lentils and Vegetable Stew. The Grilled Spanish Pork Loin was done to be moist and well seasoned. The Du Puy Lentils and Vegetable Stew that accompanied the protein was also thick, hearty and earthy. Together, they made a very balanced main dish for my dinner.⁣

At The Carving Board, the dishes on the menu are good but they never do stay very long. No matter how popular the dishes may be, they always undergo changes or are replaced within a few months. Perhaps The Carving Board has chosen to stay competitive this way, to make sure they continue to serve a constantly changing variety of western meals at affordable prices to the Westies of Singapore.

When you think of fried chicken famous places like Popeyes, KFC and Arnolds come to mind but probably not a Mexican joint called Muchachos located just opposite Amoy street food centre. When I was looking through their menu the buttermilk fried chicken caught my eye and I couldn't help but order it. Crispy, tasty and ridiculously juicy, it is definitely up there with the best fried chicken I've had(Not exaggerating). The pieces of chicken are also generous in size and are really satisfying. While it is a little pricey, 3 pieces for [$16.50], I feel like for the portion size and quality, extremely worth it. Foodie🖖🏼

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It is a quiet neighbourhood restaurant with not too much of a crowd inside.⁣

Here, I ordered their 250g charcoal-grilled Ribeye [$33.90]. It was served with avocado butter, in-house gravy, mixed greens and truffle fries. The charcoal grill certainly gave the steak a notably smokier flavour. With the avocado butter and gravy, it produced good strong flavours which I really enjoyed.⁣

However, the mixed greens were so-so and the truffle fries had just a hint of the truffle taste. Additionally, the service was not good. Half the time, there was no waiter in sight. Then when we finally caught their attention, there was a language barrier as both waiters were foreigners with thick accents. We noticed that we were not the only ones there having commmunication difficulties with the waitstaff.⁣

Using my Burpple Beyond Account, I got the steak as a 1-for-1 offer, reducing the price to around $17. At this price, it is worth it but I cannot say the small portion size is justified at $33.90. Perhaps the bulk of their customers all come using promotions like this, forcing the restaurant to adjust the portion size as such. ⁣

All in all, while the steak was good, the portion size and experience was not that amazing.

Located 5 mins walk from Tiong Bahru MRT, it is very accessible to all. However, for a coffeeshop stall, they may be a tad pricier than other stalls.

Here, I ate the Signature Roasted BBQ Pork Ribs (Half Slab) [$13] with the sides of salad, corn on the cob and aglio olio pasta. The ribs were literally slide-off-the bone tender and the sauce was well seasoned. I really enjoyed it with the healthy and hearty sides. In particular, the aglio olio pasta being perfectly cooked till al dente was wonderful.

All in all, while it may be pricier than other coffeeshop stalls, it is still heavily worth it's price for all that is served. -Foodier

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Usually going for beef rice bowls I decided to try their iberico pork jowl[$12] one and was really satisfied with the choice. Sou vide to perfection, the fatty pork was so juicy and really the star of the show. My only complaint is that their wasn't more of it but hey you could always add extra meat😛 The rest of the bowl was pretty standard and osen egg and a generous portion of rice topped with a light soy based sauce. A really great hearty meal if you're around the tanjong pagar area. Foodier🖖🏼