Have to say the mushroom and cream sauce was pretty nice, but the tortellini weren't v fresh, could taste a bit of the frozen taste. Also, just as I'm writing this, I realised it's called truffle but I couldn't rlly rmb tasting any truffle hahaha.

My partner got tortellini with bacon, tons of bacon... Which is really really salty....
Oh and the portion is actl not very big...

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The waiter asked if I want the fresh out of the oven egg tart. It was piping hot and have to say that it's good luh.

I knew this place was famous but the Cheong fun was meh.. not the Hongkong taste I was looking for

Super nice staff but the food was meh. Maybe I shouldn't have DIY-ed.

Absolutely love their complimentary raisin bread. Piping hot and super fragrant!!

Had a great evening catching up with friend at this cosy steakhouse. The staffs were really friendly and professional at the same time.

We had Robbins Island Full Blood Wagyu Marble Score 7/8 Denver (200g), creamed kale and sautéed mushroom medley as side and a tiramisu for dessert.
Had to say everything were great especially the creamed kale. The steak were flavourful and original at the same time.

Would return soon if I'm craving for steak again! Btw, it was really packed for a Tuesday evening.

The cheese tasted like rubber so I really couldn't appreciate this pizza

Fish sandwich was great and great fries too.
My partner had a very authentic chicken salad too.
Good vibes and if u come on Sunday, come earlier like 11am to get plenty of parking lots.