So many new openings in town! This city is buzzing. Love the beautiful feminine setting of this new restaurant for their first ever lunch service. Expectations were pretty high. A bit of teething issues on timing but as always am reminded that that’s the risk one takes for trying anything new. Dining companions were pretty pleased.

A restaurant is probably doing something right if they survive this long in Singapore. After a short hiatus, Pietrasanta has reopened at Fusionopolis and it was a packed first night of operations on 6 July 2019.

The menu: Western Australian Marron + Sri Lankan Yellow Curry

Me: Yum.

An outstanding night from Chef Rishi Naleendra and team for just day 2 of operations. One of the best meals of 2019.

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We wanted a fish, and chef Eric suggested the Lemon Sole ($80), cooked simply with butter. My dining companions said this was excellent.

I still prefer their old relaxed location at Park West Condominium but alas, that’s water under the bridge with the en bloc...

I’m not a fan of mee soto, but i’m a fan of this - go figure! $9 for a warm delightful bowl on a late night. Tried their chicken satay for the first time as well ($15 for 10 sticks) and chef (who’s also the owner) brought them out warm on his binchotan before serving it. Hits the spot.

My fave omelette: fried crisp on the outside, and a tad juicy on the inside. I have yet to have a meal here with friends where this dish was left unfinished, despite protests regarding its oiliness and sinfulness. $10 (I prefer keeping it plain). Stir fried basil seafood, tom yum soup - all work. Pad thai is decent as well.

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Beautiful caramelization, too-much-fat, leading to joy mixed with regret. $56 for 400g char siew, 200g siew yoke, 1/2 rose soy chicken, rice / noodles for 4, and satisfaction.

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Ken (ex-Mitzo / ex-DB Bistro) is a bona fide magician. 5 cocktails, $14 each (promo / happy hour prices on weekends, until such time it changes; other promos for weekdays), All good - whether it was tea-infused or coffee-based cocktails (Stir Me Wide Awake pictured)

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This little labour of love has been run by Johnny and Lisa for close to 7 years now, and it’s been consistently satisfying. The 3-course set lunch is good value at $34 (+$10 for the red wine braised angus beef cheeks). Their French Onion soup is $16 but it’s the sort of thing you want on a cold rainy day.

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Discovered this place courtesy of a Makansutra article. Remember the scene at the end of “Ratatouille” where the food critic is transported back in time after eating the chef’s ratatouille? The first time I had this dish, I messaged family to tell them this reminded me of the days when I sat at the big kitchen table having food with grandma. Bitter Melon (with Salted Egg Yolk & Seafood) ~$10

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2 beautiful scones, served with butter, strawberry preserve / jam, and cream; 2 finger sandwiches, a slice of butter cake (or whatever they’ve baked that day), AND a pot of tea. The drink is changeable, you can swap the cake etc for an extra scone (see what my tea companion did..!). And it’s at Holland Village. For $11.50. Been following them since the early ‘90s and am so glad they’re still around.