L32 Geylang Handmade noodle serves up one of my favourite dry ban mian. My go to order there will be the Dry Ban Mian with Pork. Consisting of minced and sliced pork pieces topped with a handful of crispy Ikan Bilis served along side a bowl of soup with a dropped egg. A must have for anyone’s first time there. Give the Ban Mian a good stir to ensure a even coating of the dark soy sauce and tuck in! Be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes for your order but good food is worth the wait.

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Decided to try some new food at Sims Vista market. Was greeted with a snaking queue at 亮记 Noodle stall. Despite the potential of a long arduous wait, I decided to join in. Ordered the $6 Mee Hoon Kway dry which consisted of three variations of seafood - Sliced Abalone, Abalone Clam and Prawns along side with some minced meat and vegetable topped with fried anchovies. The hand pulled Mee Hoon Kway was chewy and al dente. Goes well with their own concoction of black sauce and chilli which was not too much and certainly not too little. My only gripe is the small portion (for me at least) which left me wanting for more of that Kway.

Another way to have Yang Ming’s crab is to have it cooked with Bee Hoon ($100). A thick viscous sauce coated the Beehoon but yet not overpowering so much so you can still taste the freshness of the crab.


Clams ($25) were fresh and juicy with loads of chopped garlic topped on it

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Chao-ta beehoon ($20) was good and worth a try but I still prefer the rendition at JB Ah Meng.

The salt-baked crab ($100) was a dish which stood out with its uniqueness. With a salty outer layer, it contrasted the natural sweetness of the crab meat.

Steamed Baby Sotong ($16) was fresh and doused in a soy sauce base which complemented it really well. The only regret was not ordering a bigger portion to share among the 8 of us.

Nestled in the heartlands of Bishan, Yang Ming Seafood seems to be the latest Zi Cha hotspot and occupies the whole coffeeshop during dinner time.

The Lobster Chee Cheong Fun ($100) was what drew my attention to this place. The lobster was tender and succulent. Beneath the lobster was a bed of silky thin sheets of Chee Cheong Fun which soaked up the savoury sauce. Fried garlic and shallots topped this dish off and made it better.

Stir Fried Dragon chives ($17) was disappointing. tasted bland and could use a little more seasoning.

Coffee pork ribs ($23) was tender and I especially love the bits of crispy edges. Coffee flavour wasn’t too overpowering as well with a good balance of sweet and bitterness making the dish very palatable.

The most unique dish of the night was the Fried Salted Golden Corn ($16). It is corn fried in salted egg sauce and a smaller portion is recommended to share as the corn can get pretty jerlat after awhile.

Next on my list to try was the Garlic Chilli Cockles ($22). The cockles were plump and juicy, served cold, with a copious amount of chopped garlic and chilli mixed in with a sweet addictive vinegar sauce which went really well with a bowl of rice.