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They are very generous with the sides! We got the mushrooms and truffle fries, wanted the creamed kale but it was sold out! (Shows how good it is.) The steaks were 💯, it was tender and juicy! (We got the deckle & onglet) And also, the sticky date pudding is a must try. The hot pudding with cold ice cream.. 🤤

Love the open concept, and that I could see my food being prepared in front of me.
The coffee was great, and the food was delicious! I normally don’t go for vegetarian options but the grilled Halloumi is to die for! 🤤 Also got the brulee french toast, the slight tang from the berries was well complemented with the sweetness of the toast. Loved it!

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The cafe looks nice, has seating area too to chill. I got the milk tea the staff recommended. Also got the qouign amann, which was really good!

I tried the signature kaisen don because I couldn’t decide what to get, everything looked so good! The sashimi was really fresh, and the croquettes were served piping hot too!
The staff were friendly, and they gladly recommended me on what people usually ordered.

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The ambience was nice and chill. The grilled squid was done just right and was not overly tender. Same could be said about the skewers!

I ordered the black king, and it looked very potent. But it wasn’t! The broth was flavourful and rich - just right. The egg was definitely worth the top up, but I wish it came with the ramen!


Servers were friendly, and attend to you promptly when you need help.
The steak was well seasoned and was cooked to the right doneness.
The portions are reasonable, and it fully satisfied my tummy!