Wagyu beef mushroom burger @ $20.80++
Cheese fries @ additional $3++

Third time back at this place as it has very good vibes and atmosphere. Don't recall seeing this item on the menu before (but we might be wrong), and it's super good.

The beef is perfect, pink the middle and very well seasoned. Goes super well with the mushrooms and the sauce.

Overall super satisfying meal!

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Spicy Oyster Scallop Omelette Pasta @ $22.80++

Third time back at this place as it has very good vibes and atmosphere. Don't recall seeing this item on the menu before (but we might be wrong), and it's great! One of the more successful fusion items, it looks like a combi of orhjian and charkwayteow, except that they used spaghetti. The taste is flavourful, spicy and savoury but overall well balanced.

The ingredients are also fresh and good, super yummy!

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Tom yum paella @ $49++

The paella seems a bit too wet so we weren't sure if it's really paella or risotto. But the flavours were good and the tomyum taste does come through quite well. Again, good amount of seafood but not to this price point, and the sotong is still very rubbery here as well.

Sotong hitam seafood pasta @ $43++

Generally not bad and tasty, but the sotong is definitely overcooked and quite rubbery. Good amount of seafood but not to this price point.

Halibut lemon grass @ $39++

The fish is fresh, nice texture. All the accompanying ingredients were great as well. But not sure how it can cost more than $40 (after adding svc charge and gst).

Boxing mango chicken @ $21++

Overall not bad and the chicken goes well with the sweet chilli lime sauce (a lot more than the ketchup). But honestly nothing extraordinary to make this costs >$20 for 2 chicken wings.

Smoked duck chilli padi pasta @ $32++

Very nice pasta. The base is somewhat like laksa, the duck meat is nicely done and tasty and the chilli gives a good kick to elevate the overall taste.

Came to this place oy because one of us has a voucher, else it's generally quite steep in terms of pricing.

Spicy lobster chirashi @ $24.80++

The Thomson plaza one is quite out of the way so we're really happy that there's now an outlet at Raffles City!

The dish is super good, love the combination of spicy with the lobster which is also served rather generously.

Definitely will be back again but need to time it well to avoid queue.

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Buddy's mixed grill @ $16.90
+ set with minestrone soup & drink @ $4.50
+ root beer float @ $2.50

Mixed grill includes pork chop, chicken chop and sausage. Not bad, quite tasty.
Comes with two slides and chose fries and veggie.

Honey bbq ribs @ $19.90
+ set with mushroom soup & drink @ $4.50
+ root beer float @ $2.50

Not bad. Tastes good and the ribs are soft.
Comes with two sides, chose onion rings and coleslaw.

Oyster omelette (S) $5.50
Got $6.50 option

This should be one of the best oyster omlettes I've ever had. The texture is crispy and soft and gooey at the same time. And the oysters are not smelly.

Only hope for chilli to be stronger.

Oyster omelette is made by the uncle.
Wanna try the char kway teow by the auntie next time.

Marinara pizza @ $22.90++ for regular size (6 slices)
Also comes in laege size with 8 slices.

This is tagged as Must Try on their menu so we're rather disappointed. The crust is ok but the taste is quite bland. The seafood doesnt taste super fresh. The ingredients are not evenly spread and some pieces have too much olives.

Might try pizza again at other outlets to find out if this is something consistent.