The thickness abit disappointing , cant really taste the quality . 1 for 1 deal is good with burple but standard of ribeyes can be improve . Too dull and tasteless for a medium rare cook beef

Dishes - Low standard , meat wasn’t marinated well .

Burple deal : 1 for 1 ( mookata + colleagen soup ) $57.90 before gst and service charge . Totally not worth . Ended up per pax need $34 which I don’t think the burple deal is worth at alll. U can purchSe the fave deal which is so much cheaper ,
Overall I don’t find it value for money considering the quality of food and portion .

Staff - lack of knowledge to know promotion burple that can be use.

With $34 per pax- u can get better food . ( please take note that this is already the price applied after using burple deal @@ ) so what kind of promo are we looking at for this extraordinary pricing .

Highly not recommended


The food is generally good but avoid busy timing cos behind people Q , the staff no patient entertain to let u try before purchase ah ! Not everyone patronise frequent so please understand and recommend your signature ice cream . Staff require more training

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By far the most average ribs . And if someone offer u water just say no !

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The skewer here is good 6-8pm @ only $1.25 / stick . From 8 pm onward $15 per pax buffet

Generally still alright ba . Quite so so . Nothing really wow

The portion is decent . However I think average