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Lady Marmalade @meatsmith_sg are meat maestros, but their burgers are definitely over performing and overshadowing the other mains. Besides their stellar world beater of a double cheeseburger, their beautiful beef marmalade cheeseburger is priced at a very modest $20++.⠀ ⠀ One of same brisket patties that goes into the standard issue double cheeseburger is present. The replacement for the other patty is an obscenely concentrated beef marmalade. Don’t expect subtlety or balance here, this burger is an all out assault on your tastebuds.⠀ ⠀ The beef marmalade is composed of pulled beef and onions, caramelised in a redolent reduction that is equally sweet and salty. It’s very nearly an overload for the tongue, and the richness is cranked up to eleven. And finally that majestic marmalade is panfried before it gets loaded on top of one of Meatsmith’s perfect patties. The pickles, while sharp and zesty, aren’t quite enough to cut through the maelstrom of meaty marvellousness. And that, folks, is how you get the perfect burger that’s been engineered for pleasure. Y’all best remember this about all of Meatsmith’s burgers: THEY DON’T MISS
Buttermilk Chicken Burger from Meatsmith! Thick, juicy chicken coated in crispy buttermilk batter. Let's just say this was so good I didn't even get a bite before my family finished it all. Price: ~ $10 #halfeatenblog #meatsmith #burger #burpple
Best Burger In Singapore (& Maybe The World) The oozing melty slice of cheddar cheese. The thick succulent slab of juicy beef patties. The perfectly toasted golden brown and pillowy buns. The Double Cheeseburger at MeatSmith is absolutely life changing, and I’m not exaggerating. One bite, and I was hooked. The beef patties, made of wagyu beef brisket, are beautifully seared on the outside, and juicy and medium-rare in the centre. Then you get the kick from tangy and acidic pickles embedded inside the burger. Not only are these burgers absolutely delicious, they’re the biggest steal of the century, thanks to the promo MeatSmith is having. Before Circuit Breaker, they were $10++ every Tuesday—and now, you can get the cheeseburger (along with other awesome dishes like the pulled pork and brisket sandwich and fried chicken) for $10 all day everyday during the CB. Take my money. (Skip the side dishes, like the $8++ fries and $5++ iced tea though. They’re pricey but pretty ordinary.) Hope everyone is staying safe, and support our SG F&B if you can! Go try some of MeatSmith’s awesome burgers. They—and your stomach—will thank you for it. (Wanna see the MeatSmith burger in all its glory? Watch my video review on YouTube now! 🍔 😋)
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