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Rosti Benedict, $18 Rosti Benedict, $18. Another Chef Recommended Star dish under their Brunch section. We find the Rosti a little towards the soft side but thankfully the outer is fried to golden brown crispiness and it make up for it! Topped with ham, bacon, 2 poached eggs with their homemade hollandaise sauce! An satisfying brunch back at their lovely comfortable cafe! . . Enjoy more savings when redeeming with 1-for-1 Main with @entertainersg
Pulled Pork Burger Pulled Pork Burger $22, we upgraded $2.50 more to change to Truffle Fries 🍟! Very huge portion, the pulled pork is so soft and flavorful as they uses Iberico pork, topped with a beautiful fried sunshine egg 🍳, mixed greens and delicious truffle fries on the side! We were so stuffed after finishing the whole plate with a satisfying tummy! . . . Good food at great savings, we enjoy 1-for-1 mains with EntertainerSG app!! Such a deal! @entertainersg .
Perhaps The Most Average Brunch Ever Eggs Zoey (~$17): switched out my salmon for ham so it was basically an eggs Benedict 😂 Eggs weren’t as flowy as it’d like 🙁, but the toast was 👌🏻: not too thick and slightly buttery and toasted! 🍞 Don’t be deceived by the photo, bc the portion was actually filling 😛 It was decent but nowhere at the top of my fav eggs Benedict’s. 🍳🍞 . Chicken Mac and Cheese (~$19): not sure if it was meant to be eaten like a burger??? From how it looked 🍔 But either way it was quite disappointing, the Mac and cheese was super cheesy (but v hard) on the outside but on the inside??? It was all mac no cheese 😧🧀 Chicken tasted like frozen chicken...... would pass on this dish tbh :-(
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