salmon guacamole ($15) was served with two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and cherry tomatoes atop a thick slice of wheat bread. it’s a basic brunch dish but was executed pretty well! would say this is better than their pastas.

truffle fries ($9) were average but the portion was really huge, would be good to share among 4!

a pretty decent cafe with good ambience

6/10 ⭐️

the drink had a strong caramel taste without being overly sweet, which was pretty good! there was a generous amount of cream at the top and the cream was tasty, though i couldn’t really taste the rock salt. pearls were chewy and the cocoa flavour was prominent.

$5.9 | 7/10 🌟

this is really good but also really expensive 😭 there are fresh, soft chunks of taro inside the drink, which adds to the texture and flavour. the taro milk as which slightly sweet, which was quite pleasant. the chewy pearls also complemented the drink really well.

$6.60 | 9/10 🌟

had a really lovely meal at this cosy joint! there is a wide selection of quality mexican food which will definitely leave your belly satisfied. in particular, i enjoyed the halibut, portobello mushroom quesadillas, beef/pulled pork fajitas and baby back ribs 👍🏻 the basics like guacamole and nachos were also done well.

the food is cooked upon order which means you get it hot and fresh; only gripe would be that it take a while to arrive, especially when the restaurant is crowded. but just get some nachos first to munch on 😋

$24++ (if you go from 2-5pm on weekends) | 9/10 🌟

had the matcha & hojicha goma drinks. both were really thick and concentrated, definitely quality drinks! am not a big fan of matcha so i preferred the hojicha goma, which was quite earthy and not too sweet. not bad but pretty pricey :-(

honey earl grey hazelnut cake ($8) was really lovely—light, sweet and fragrant! worth ordering 👍🏻

7/10 🌟

the tea quality really stands out here, you can immediately taste the rich chinese tea and smell the fragrance of oolong. pearls have a nice chew.

7/10 🤩

these were pillowy, soft and delightful. very sugary too but that’s probably what makes them so tasty. the creme brûlée flavour is really unique and the torched, caramelised top makes it one notch above the rest. thai milk tea & black sesame flavours are pretty good too.

8/10 🌟

they ran out of the crispy pork buns and xiao long baos when we went, which was really such a pity :-( liu sha bao was delightful—liquidy with a strong salted egg taste. would also recommend the dumplings in spicy sauce and the porridge here. overall their food was quite good across the board, nothing to complain about.

7.5/10 🌟

this was a crepe cake with fresh cream spread generously in between each layer. the cream (rather than the layers) is definitely the highlight of this—you can really taste how light and fresh it is! the top is coated with a sweet syrup which complemented the cake nicely. definitely not your lady m crepe cakes, but at $4.70 i’m not complaining 🤪

$4.70 | 7/10 🌟

this drink was quite creamy with slightly sweet notes (even though i got 0% sugar) and the light fragrance of tea. get this if you enjoy a slightly creamier taste, otherwise stick to the dong ding oolong with cream, a crowd favourite. i think i prefer the dong ding tea more, though this is a pretty good cup as well. pearls are big and chewy—fantastic as usual.

7.5/10 🌟

still remember the hype for lino’s cheese tea when it was first launched haha. sadly i don’t think the cheese tastes as good as it did back then, this is quite average with slight salty notes. tea is pretty decent, good strong tea.

6/10 🌟

quite a juicy and tender steak! heard flat iron is quite hard to execute well but this place does their flat iron steaks well. definitely not the juiciest or the most tender but reasonably so, especially at its price point. was slightly chewy as well (in a good way); quite an interesting texture compared to other steaks i’ve had.

ps. get the creamed spinach ($7)! it’s very cheesy, savoury and rich without being too jelat.

$21 + service charge | 8/10 🌟