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this was so good! brisket was smoky and tender, smoked to perfection, while the cheese complemented the meat well. the bagel was stuffed with ingredients, moist & delicious. gets a bit messy once you start eating but that’s all part of the fun right 🙈🙈

$14 | 9/10 🌟

chicken was well-coated with sauce, which was tasty & slightly sweet, though i couldn’t really taste the garlic flavour. chicken was really moist and tender on the inside while the skin was crispy. overall pretty decent but a tad bit pricey. 🙊🙊

$28.90 | 7/10 💫

duck skin was crispy and delightful. comes with the usual condiments and toppings as well as a few unique ones, such as mango and plum sauce (though i preferred the regular hoisin sauce). wrapper/pancake is steamed and kept warm. pretty satisfactory rendition of this popular dish. ✨

this was the lobster sashimi, scallop & tuna chutoro (if i remember correctly). all three were fresh with a natural sweetness. the lobster was especially succulent. ✨

this was the main course of the dinner omakase ✨ fried rice had a deep smoky flavour with a generous portion of fresh uni & roe.

overall, this was a really amazing & special dining experience ☺️ the ingredients are all really fresh & premium (especially the seafood — fresh from japan!). there are many courses with a good variety of ingredients and cooking styles, all executed with close attention to detail. definitely worth it. 💫

friend & i both ordered the triple A, their signature açaí bowl, in the medium size with cookie butter! was pretty delicious & healthy with a variety of fruits (kiwi, dragon fruit, blueberry, banana, strawberry), nuts, chia seeds & granola! the granola was tasty & added a nice crunch. we had this for lunch and it was pretty filling! not bad overall 😉

place has a nice, chill vibe too, great for meeting up with friends 🌸

tip: you get 10% off if you’re a student or if you bring your own bowl! 🌿

$8.90 | 8/10 🌟

first time trying this flavour & was pleasantly surprised. the tangy lemon sorbet complemented the sweet açai really well, a very refreshing combination & probably my favourite from here ✨ toppings were generous & enjoyable as usual. will come back for this again! 😊

$14.90 | 8.5/10 🌟

my go-to when i’m craving brown sugar pearls 💛 at $3.10 for this large cup (with student discount), this is really the most affordable & satisfying option. the pearls are sweet with a good chew. go for 0% sugar level since the pearls add the sweetness!

$3.10 | 7/10 💫

a cozy vegetarian joint serving authentic korean food 😊 army stew was well-executed, with just the right amount of spice. came with a substantial serving of mushrooms, mock meat & noodles, which made for a hearty meal. pretty good comfort food! and at a pretty affordable price :”)

7/10 🌟

black sesame milk was rich, with a deep, earthy flavor. they really didn’t skimp on the black sesame! 🤪 honey pearls were chewy and had a substantial bite. lightly tinged with honey, the pearls complemented the drink well without overpowering it. a quality cup! though pricier than your usual bubble tea joints 🤧

7.5/10 ✨

the brown sugar complemented the milk well, though it was a tad bit too sweet & cloying for my liking. the cream cheese topping was fantastic though — the savory notes from the cheese balanced out the sweetness of the drink & the torched sugar atop it added a lil bit of crunch 🤩 definitely the highlight of the drink & something special you can’t really find elsewhere! 🤪

8/10 ✨

pretty good vegan ice cream, although it's noticeably less creamy and more icy than normal ice cream. hazelnut flavour is quite enjoyable, quite light unlike the usual rich kind of ice cream. a quaint little cafe great for long afternoon chats :-“)

6.5/10 🌟