The base of the pasta was too thin for me, would’ve preferred something creamier. Cosy and decent but in my opinion only worth with the 1 for 1 deal.

The croissant was super good though! Soft and tasty 🤤


lola’s is pretty much a 3min walk from Kovan mrt station. it’s pretty busy during peak hours so do make a reservation to play it safe. ordered the nacho cheese fries and the portion size was value for money. i’m a sucker for pastas so any pasta dish owns my heart

i’m a loyal fan of nakhon since especially the holland v outlet (it was near school). try to avoid peak hours - it’s always crowded and the queue is 😔. the pad thai is $6 and the portion size is pretty decent! i always order the red thai milk tea ($3) but it’s a tad too sweet for me.

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been hearing so much about it and i finally got the chance to enjoy some of that shiok maki! was afraid it wouldn’t live up to the hype but wow!! it really is shiok. personally a little pricey to fill your stomach here for my university wallet but worth every cent. MUST TRY!

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ordered the mango passionfruit stack ($14.80). saw it all over instagram so decided to try it for myself. the mango was hugeeee which really made it worth it but looking at the other reviews, they’re not very consistent so don’t expect too much. this is good for fans of sour! i personally enjoyed the tangy taste of the passionfruit.

I’m not the biggest fan of their service but I’m here for the food so oh wells. Friend ordered the Special Salmon Don [$14] while I got the Aburi Salmon Don [$13] (pictured). It’s really worth it if you get the 1 for 1 deal [$7 each]. Love the special marinate especially if you’re a fan of salty tastes. The mayo on the Special Salmon Don can be too “jelat” for some so only get it if you’re a fan of mayo