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Carbonara Al Funghi Set Lunch [$11.90] Saved this spot for a long time and just got to pop by to try! Went with the set lunch and it was very value for money. Apart from this carbonara, they have 4 others to choose from - Creamy Chicken ($9.90), Puttanesca ($9.90), Arrabiata ($11.90) and Ragu Ala Bolognese ($11.90). Each also comes with a refreshing cup of cold brew earl grey tea infused with lemon and rosemary, originally priced at $5.90. Tipo serves handmade pasta and you get to pick from 3 daily offerings upon order. I went with the squid ink mafalde. You also get to choose to top up parmesan cheese, chilli flakes and olive oil at no extra costs, unless you want an extra portion of any. I added the first two and enjoyed my plate. Would have just liked the mafalde a touch bit less soft, but the cheesy and creamy sauce coated each strand nicely. The chunky mushrooms came in a satisfying portion as well! Pasta upsize is at $3, and set lunches are available from 12pm to 4pm on weekdays, excluding PHs.
Wei Zhi
Delicious Fresh Pasta The noodles are are really done R I G H T! It wasn’t just about the unique flavours that the restaurant comes up with, but the perfect and I mean P E R F E C T al dente texture of the noodles. I would think that because of the constant rotation of pasta flavours, one would never get bored and always come back to try more! The sauce was pretty good too, obviously the noodles outshone the sauce in my opinion but still not too shabby! I ordered the beef ragu which was enjoyable, loved the generous and chunky beef. Also managed to try the truffle mushroom pasta which tasted SUPER truffle-y! I think it’ll be difficult to finish it on your own tbh so get a few pastas to share around with your friends!
Fried Calamari [$8.90] These were lightly battered and tender.
Wei Zhi
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Yummy & Affordable Tonkotsu Ramen🍜 Original non-spicy tonkotsu ramen ($7.90) *price excludes GST - Tonkotsu broth, noodles, chasu, egg, seaweed, black fungus, spring onion - This is their best-seller and indeed, it live up to that label - it’s nice!👍 The broth is very smooth and creamy, might be a liiiiiitttttlee salty but it’s still delicious! The noodle was NOT too soft and had a good bite to it🍜😋 - The charsu is not those melt in the kind ones but its soft and has a light flavour, I don’t normally like chasu in ramen but this one is nice for me!😊 Also the seaweed is NOT crispy. - To be honest, I would’ve been satisfied even if they only served the noodle and the broth without all the other ingredients haha. I tried my friend’s gyokai ramen (mixture of fish and pork broth) and it’s surprisingly nice too! Its has a unique taste I never tasted in other ramen houses. - Verdict: affordable, delicious and reasonable portion, confirm will come back laa!🙆🏻‍♀️ Yall must go and try! - Recommendations: 1️⃣Tonkotsu Gyokai (For those who like rich flavour) 2️⃣Original Tonkotsu (For those who like lighter flavour) 3️⃣Dry Truffle (interesting try! $6.90++ gets abit jelak after awhile but still good)
Ordered this for $13.55 Cheap and good. My son says this better than the Kanshoku Ramen next door. Dry truffle ramen with karage n green tea set, topped up with ajitama.
Truffle Ramen Got to say I’m really impressed! Very affordable of truffle ramen where the flavour is so on point and ramen was well cooked!
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Hearty Fusion Sushi Rolls Featuring "Stuffed Bill" and "Miss C", both put an interesting twist to traditional sushi. Two worlds, two cultures, two flavours. And a very hearty portion too!
Signature Rolls Saving me the hassle of DIY-ing and as someone who has made some poorly chosen combinations, I am all for Wooshi’s signature rolls that loads up on interesting ingredients as well as presents a vibrant spin on the quintessential sushi. Having the Miss C ($6.90/ $8.50 order online ), it is literally a zhng version of the California roll - foolproof and tasty. With Nori Wrap, White Rice, Sliced Avocado, Crunchy Ebiko, Kani Sticks, Curly Cucumber, Carrot Strips, Tempura Puffs, and Holy Mayo Sauce; I also added an extra $2 for salmon, cause why not!  And being less adventurous, I got the other Japanese inspired flavour off the menu - Hip Hiroshi ($8.90/ $10.70 order online). Wrapped in nori was White Rice, Tempura Ebi, a mix of Totally Teriyaki and Yoozoo Sesame Mix Sauce, Crunchy Ebiko, Mixed Cabbage, Curly Cucumber, Japanese Ginger, Tempura Enoki, as well as Bonito Furikake. Lots of flavours but meld together well and I enjoyed the textures. Delivery is available islandwide on their page.
🏠Stay at home with sushi rolls and bowls🍱 🍽If I were you, I would definitely try the signature sushi bowl: Captain Yamamoto and the sushi roll: stuffed bills. . 🧀Tempura Mozzarella Cheese Sticks (S$4.9) A helluva lotta Mozzarella. . Signature sushi bowls: 🥗Captain Yamamoto (S$10.7) Green Mix, Teriyaki Chicken, Double Dark Sesame Sauce, Peppery Bell Peppers, Grilled Tofu, Carrot Strips, Mixed Cabbage, Classic Corn, Seaweed Strips . Signature sushi rolls 🐂Veggie Veronica (S$8.5) Nori Wrap, White Rice, Grilled Tofu, Spicy Kimchi, Totally Teriyaki Sauce, Korean Radish, Curly Cucumber, Sesame Mix, Mixed Cabbage, Classic Corn 🍳Stuffed Bill (S$9.5) Nori wrap, White Rice, Curly Cucumber, Boiled Egg, Peppery Bell Peppers, Tempura Puffs, Melted Cheese, Thai-style Beef, Smoky Dokey BBQ Sauce . Refreshers: 🍋Original Star Lemonade (S$3) Minimalism meets lemonism. 🍇Red Rush Lemonade (S$3) Roselle and Lemon hit it off on their first date. . Wooshi 🙌Order your sushi rolls and bowls online at (10% off with Promo Code: TAKE10) Taste: 8.5/10 Texture: 8/10 Appearance: 7/10 —
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