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Loved the Tenkasu roll with tempura bits (bottom of the picture), which has torched salmon and lots of crunchy fried tempura batter.

Price: $9

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A little pricier than other chicken rice, but the amount of chicken is very generous! The rice is also incredibly fragrant and nice on its own.

Price: $4.80

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Got the steak with onion rings and potato salad on the side. The steak was nicely seared on the outside and juicy on the inside. Went well with the mushroom sauce.

The onion rings were crisp but slightly hard after a while. The potatoes had a nice bite and covered in a tangy mayonnaise. The portion was generous and filling!

Price: $20.90

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This came with miso soup, as part of their lunch set. Their tendon had unconventional ingredients like capsicum, leek and sweet potato (as compared to carrots, eggplant and shiitake mushrooms, which I see more frequently)! Not the best tendon, but the batter was crispy.

Price: $14

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If you follow @guzmanygomezsg on Instagram, they'll DM you a message so you can redeem a serving of their regular fries for free! Their staff were so nice and helpful, and they have several different salsa dips you can help yourself to.

Regular price: $5

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Quite affordable for a decent portion of noodles. The soba sauce is less salty than most other places. Love that they give you extra seaweed on the side to add in.

Price: $4.80

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Tried this after seeing it recommended by @shootandspoon !
You can choose your portion size (small or large) and the type of noodle you want (thin bee hoon, thick bee hoon, yellow noodle). There was a long queue even at 2pm. Quite yummy! The gravy isn't very thick, but it is flavourful and there are a lot of ingredients like fishcake, crab stick, cockles and beansprouts. Wouldn't travel super far for it, but definitely worth a visit if you're in the area!

Price: $2.80 for small, $3.30 for large

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The bowl isn't very large, but there's enough to feel full! I really liked this! It's on the salty side, so if you're not a big fan of salt you might want to share/avoid this. But I love that it tasted like an entire bowl of my favourite torched salmon sushi from Genki Sushi. I would definitely order this again.

Price: $17.90

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They have lunch sets that include a main dish and miso soup. I chose the unagi rice bowl. The amount of unagi was pretty decent, and I liked the soft fluffy eggs. It's a decent option if you're around the area!

Price: $15

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Came in a bread basket of 5 pieces. Be sure to eat it as soon as it arrives because it's only nice when it's hot and just toasted!

Price: $2.80

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Tried this because I had the D'Bar burger last time and really liked it. But I'd advise to just stick to the D'Bar burger, which has a chef's recommendation hat next to it on the menu. 😂

The batter around the chicken is reeeally thick and kind of soggy. The salted egg sauce wasn't tasty enough in my opinion. Fries were decent so I ate those up.

Price: $16

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Their cream of mushroom soup is reeeally creamy. I liked that there were lots of fresh, tender mushroom bits in the soup, and that it came with a slice of garlic bread on the side. Nice way to start the meal, but if you're not a fan of cream and like your mushroom soup very mushroomy, then this may not be for you.

Price: $3.80

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