They have many pancake flavors, but original is probably the best, the vanilla cream on top compliments the spongy pancake best. Great that they shortened their waiting time for this. Used to be 20mins, this time only 10mins. Also love that they welcome pets. Will definitely be back with my pup.

Normally pretty food don’t taste very good but I was pleasantly surprised by this dish. This one waffle had four flavours on it. Mushrooms, smoked ham, smoked duck and cherry tomatoes. Everything was fresh and on point. All four flavors matched well and complimented each other. Major thumbs up for this.

This cafe always serves up pretty food with gorgeous tableware. Even a simple Acai Bowl is paired with a beautiful red rose. Maybe that’s why it costs $9.80...Granola was too much. It would be better if there was lesser granola and more acai.

Felt like a real white rabbit when eating this. Maybe the sauce wasn’t enough? Everything just felt very raw even if it is a salad.

Pork was extremely tender. Pasta had a nice chew to it too. Could have more sauce though.

Went for the 5 course dinner @$138++ Food was mediocre. One of the nicest is probably this New Zealand Cod Fillet. The sauce really amazed me. Honestly you are just paying for the aquarium ambience. 3 course lunch @$45++ would be more worth it.

Ordered the truffle floating Island for dessert. A tad too sweet but texture was amazingly light and good.

Mango pomelo with vanilla ice cream and sago pearls. It may be a very normal dessert, but the sweetness is well handled. 5 stars for presentation too.

This was probably the nicest appetizer in the dinner set menu. Served hot and fragrant with egg white custard. Lobster was juicy and cooked to perfection.

Herbal Salt Baked Chicken that looked like a chicken sausage. Faint herbal taste. Gorgeous presentation though. Not sure why I chose chicken at a seafood restaurant.