Snow flake, serves Korean Bingsus made of milk snow, a delectable treat perfect for hot weather.

Where's tradition meets Mordern fusion.

A best-seller favorite among Asians, this Ondeh-Ondeh cupcake will make you go Oh My God (OMG)! It has a soft and fluffy texture oozing with gorgeous gula melaka, topped with cream and desiccated coconut shavings, it is a must-try for everyone!

From a simple serving of sweetened red beans and shaved ice, ice kachang has undergone several makeovers to become the colorful dessert it is today. It's now the norm to find grass jelly, green chendol, multi-colored jelly cubes, creamed corn, and attap chee (palm seed) hidden within a mound of shaved ice. When we were kids, the best part of ice kachang was the thrill of digging into the ice to see how many attap chee we could find. 

What's there to nag about, hawker centre ice kacang is still the best and cheap. Been having this ice kacang since childhood. Things didn't change till today.

I've been seeing people posting on their Facebook, Instagram and etc talking about this drink called Over Dose. I have yet to try but today finally I get to try their Milk Green Tea and Chocolate. OMG! The taste is great, Chocolate is obviously so chocolaty and nice. The Green Tea is lemak bercream (creamy) love the Green Tea so much. it's cheap ONE for $5 and TWO for $9. It's shiok to drink during the hot weather.

They big, juicy and worth the bite. In love with the burger, one bite feels like you're home.... Making your own burger.