Soft and delicious even after being delivered, just needed either a quick steam or 1 min microwave to heat them up. Fillings were generous, giving a good ingredient to rice ratio. Very filling too, one dumpling is sufficient for a regular lunch.

Tried 5 different flavours.

Hakka Pork Belly w Preserved Vegetables, savoury and familiar, tastes just like 梅菜扣肉, meat pieces was not too fatty. Some ginger in the preserved vegetables too so watch out, but they were well washed and soft.

Hokkien Rice Dumpling w Salted Egg Yolk, the classic, can't go wrong with the flavours, though the meat was slightly dry.

Nonya Rice Dumpling, another classic, unseasoned rice, finely chopped sweet and savoury meat. My favourite.

Pulut Hiram Nonya Rice Dumpling, same as Nonya Rice Dumpling, just with sprinkles of black glutinous rice for texture and flavour. Could have more black rice to really bring out the difference.

Last but not least, Emperor's Rice Dumpling. Premium ingredients, roughly 1.5x the size of others, infused with 22 secret spices, even the rice taste different. Salted duck egg instead of salted chicken egg, the experience is just more elevated.

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Ordered 3 dishes, and they were all decent to amazing. The Xiao Long Bao was as expected, skin a little bit thicker than DTF but still good. The prawn roll came in 6 pieces, was crispy even after a while, and is basically zhng-ed up ngoh hiang, tasting more of the pork than the prawn. Would go great with beer, recommend to eat with the tangy spicy sauce available upon request. Mala Lok Lok was the star of the show, with zhong to da la level. Spices taste fresher than your standard hawker, and ingredients were of good quality.

Nice place with good vibes and music. Can choose to dine alfresco with high chairs, or indoors on bar stools or regular tables. Service was attentive and food arrived fast. Slightly pricey depending on your order.

Great ambiance to the place with nice and friendly staff. The Gyu Don was tender and flavourful with a good mix of fried onion, beef and pickled ginger. The Kani Gratin was really tasty and the mentaiko sauce made it rich and creamy without it being too strong in flavour. The tuna nigiri had just the right amount of fat, and the lean slices made for a refreshing taste. Would highly recommend the restaurant!

Had the bourbon ribs ($24) with cornbread and chilli cheese fries (+$3). Ribs were definitely the star of the show, with the best bourbon glaze I've had. Chilli cheese fries are worth the extra dollars, and they definitely did not skimp on the chilli, which was plentiful enough to coat every fry.

Root beer float ($5.50) is exactly what you'll expect.