Love that the chicken had no bones and the salad tasted decent. But alas the batter used in frying the chicken wasnt fragrant and mostly just tasted salty. Thankfully the fried chicken was still crunchy. The sauce that came with the dish was a tomato base with spicy notes - a good complement given that the fried chicken was relatively tasteless. Nonetheless i actually enjoyed the chicken more with ketchup. At $20 this is a little pricey and I wouldnt order this again if not for beyond 1 for 1 deal

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This dessert ($7) came as a set with the beyond 1-for-1 deal and boy was it the highlight of the night. The chocolate tasted rich while the cookie crust was crumbly and tasted divine. Would certainly order this again!

We ordered mixed vegetable, pad thai with chicken ($6), fried chicken with salt and pepper ($7), prawn cakes ($5 for 2) and pineapple rice ($6). The pad thai with chicken and fried chicken tasted good while the other dishes were so-so. We also had mango sticky rice - the rice was a little hard to chew and came rather cold. The saving grace was the sweet mango as fortunately the fruit was in season.

I had the Choco Bueno ($4.90) and it was sadly unsatisfactory. My cookie was injected with a shot of nutella. The dark chocolate cookie base itself was very crumbly but there wasnt any fragrance and tasted very doughy/flour-y. The nutella and small piece of kinder bueno were unfortunately the only saving grace of the nasty cookie, which means that for $4.90 its highly overpriced.

I had the lunar new year set menu (available from 20 Jan to 8 Feb) at $48++ per pax.

1st course - Lo Hei King Salmon Tartare (5/5)
A modern rendition of the classic lo-hei with generous portions of pink juicy raw salmon, salmon roe and golden crackers. I dont eat raw food but this got five thumbs up from my husband.

2nd course - Braised USDA short rib linguine (3.5/5)
The dish had oriental notes in my view. The beef tasted amazing though the pasta was nothing special.

3rd course - Great southern pinnacle Australian grass-fed sirloin (4/5)
Beef was seasoned very well and the pea shoots at the side were sauteed perfectly. I didnt give this 5/5 because the XO butter was a little too much and covered the natural fragrance of the meat. Unfortunately I ate this a little late and the butter melted over most of my steak.

Dessert - Pineapple tart (3/5)
A deconstructed version of a pineapple tart albeit with coconut ice cream. I didnt think that the butter crumble or pineapple marmalade tasted great. Ironically I liked the coconut icecream the most in the dish.

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We ordered the steak to be cooked medium - meat was cooked pink and tasted well seasoned. The onion rings were tasty with a hint of truffle. I used burrple 1-for-1 which in my view, the plate was a steal in terms of value.

The french toast had a wonderful soft texture and went well with the fruits and ice cream. Love the fragrant vanilla notes in the ice cream and the soft crunch of the caramel on the banana. Nonetheless I think the whole plate had too many sweet items which made it difficult to enjoy after having half the plate. Wish that they had a little bit of zing in there to make it more balanced - eg having lemon yoghurt ice cream.

I had the iced matcha tea latte ($6) which I would give 2/5. It was unfortunately rather bland and tasteless.

Used burrple beyond 1-for-1 deal.