This was acceptable for $10 (1-for-1) but probably not worth it at full price.

Slightly pricey for the small portion but the noodles were a great QQ consistency and paired well with the delicious fatty char siew. The bits of lard were welcomed and the crispy wanton was well seasoned.

The dish was somewhat oily but the mala mala was spicy but not overpowering. A guilty but satisfying dish.

It was as expected, however a bit on the pricey end.

For $5.50, this was super worth it coming with a heaping pile of rice, buried within was a big piece of mutton which was fall off the bone-tender. The rice was very aromatic with numerous cashews and was good enough to be eaten on it's own without anything else. The curry complimented the rice well. The star of the dish was the 🍚!!!

This don was worth it at it's price point and accompanied with broccoli, tamago, cucumber and a delicious tempura pumpkin. The rice grains were separated and delicious with the sauce. The unagi was soft and tender with a nice charred taste accompanied with a sweet teriyaki sauce.

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The garlic oil was flavourful though slightly oily but overall the dish was well executed. The pork was great with one side charred and the other side soft and fatty. The pork broth was one of the best I had ever tasted, very flavourful and rich.

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This butter chicken is to die for!!! $5 with rice. The thigh meat is battered and fried until it is really crispy together with butter, curry leaves, chilli padi and onions.

$16 for a large. There was an intense wok hei from just the noodles alone even though it looked rather plain.

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This was slightly pricey, costing $20. It was a combination that couldn't go wrong, condensed milk with pork floss.

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The highly raved dish set us back $16 for a large and was wonderful! The soft tender and piping hot tubs were coated in the sweet milk powder and curry leaves. It was an interesting dish though some might find it too sweet. I only wished that their portions were larger.

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Quality here has gone down drastically. The Mac and cheese was overcooked and it was just nacho cheese sauce slathered over overcooked pasta. Definitely not worth it for its price, the rest tasted like average frozen fried food. Nothing special. Nothing wonderful.