I’m never ever disappointed with the food here. Every time I finish, I wish I could eat more.

Must have is the mutton keema and that stewed okra is amazing.

I’m never ever disappointed with the food here. Every time I finish, I wish I could eat more.

Must have is the mutton keema and that stewed okra is amazing.

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Usually when I eat at Monster curry I get way too full because I wasn’t Super hungry in the first place. This time, I went when I was starving and it was still too much!!

I had the fish this time as the Pork Katsu always felt too heavy. I was really surprised by how nicely crispy it was on the outside and how soft and juicy the fish was on the inside. Will definitely be ordering the fish again.
I opted for the level 2 spice and it was enough to make my tongue tingle and my nose run a little.

Natto is my favourite thing to add as it adds a nice fermented flavour and breaks the “gelat-ness” that the curry can have.

The lunch special is really worth it. It comes with soup, drink and dessert all for half price!

You can just tell the food here is cooked with heart. Pick your favourite items and if dry, they will fry your fried items for you and serve them together with your noodles on a plate. Then a big bowl of hearty soy bean soup with your boiled veggies. The noodles are also dressed with sesame oil, sesame seeds, chilli sauce and their YTF sauce.

The batter for the fried eggplant is simply the best. You don’t want to miss that.

The service is polite and fast and the food is wholesome.. nothing else to ask for!

$4 for noodle + 5 items

Still served in a frosted Mug. Super sweet and cloying but a hit of nostalgia for sure.

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:( All I wanted was a coney dog but it was sold out for the next few days so I tried the next “best” thing which was supposedly the cream cheese burger. But wait a minute... where’s the cream cheese? I don’t see any AT ALL. After waiting for one and a half hours just to be served up this disappointing burger... I’m distraught.

Only redeeming thing was the onion rings and curly fries were freshly fried and Super delicious. Probably the only good things about the meal.

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The steak was delicious. A bit on the thin, flat side but really flavourful and was cooked to a medium / medium rare.
The soba was tasty too.

The only thing I really had an issue with was the guy serving the tables. He really looked like he was angry at everyone. Service was a bit slow but it wasn’t too bad.

Will come back and try other things from the menu.

Strangely, this nasi lemak was labelled as Penang nasi lemak but it did not differ much from our regular Chinese store nasi lemak.
The hot rice was really good though! And under that mountain of crispy fried veggies was a very oily fried egg. The chilli wasn’t like our regular nasi lemak sambal though so I was a little disappointed with that.

I would come back to try their other Penang food.

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If you like oily, creamy ramen soups, this one’s for you.
I ordered my soup rich and a friend ordered it normal and he said normal was too rich for him yet mine was just nice so it’s all down to preference.
I was really hoping for a stronger garlic smell and taste (I picked heavy on the garlic) but it did not come through which was a little disappointing. I think it might also be because it’s black garlic and black garlic is just less pungent.

Overall still a very delicious soup!
Definitely give it a try to see if it suits your taste.

Only $3 for such a huge portion.
Very nostalgic taste and a good balance of sweet and savoury for the black one. It’s recommended to know your order before queuing!

What’s really nice about this is the extra fried onions that he layers at the bottom of the plate before he dishes it out.

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Well.. I should have known that I haven’t had pasta mania in more than a decade for a reason. This was possibly the most bland nonsensical tasting carbonara I have ever had. And turkey bacon? Lord knows there’s better bacon out there such as beef bacon. Or just don’t use any kind of bacon at all!

It’s a shame what pastamania’s pasta standard has become. If this was not marketed as carbonara, maybe I would have not had such a big disappointment.

That being said, I guess if you really MUST eat here, pick something NON traditional.

Only redeeming factor is the cheddar cheese sticks.. which was kinda an oily gooey salty change of pace.

I’ve tried their pork kouji once before and had great memories of the taste. This time I tried their steak as well in a set that comprises them both. And honestly, I was surprised that it wasn’t as good as before. Everything was still delicious just not as I’ve remembered. The pork used to have a really nice slight char on them and more sauce.

Set comes with miso soup, refillable rice and chawanmushi.

The chawanmushi although very very small, was amazingly soft and smooth. Absolutely delightful!

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