Generous bowl of seafood pao fan. The broth is very flavourful and cripsy rice bits add a nice touch to it. The queue is long though.

We had the Taste-it-all platter that comes with 2 pita bread. Good option that let you try out everything :)

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Overall delicious. It's not too creamy or too light. It was just a tiny bit too nutty for me.

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This is a set meal for 2 pax. Both the Lobster Pao Fan and the Pork Wraps were so shiok! The pork was very tender and flavourful. The lobster broth was just so tasty you can't get enough of it.

For the Michelin-starred ramen, it was such a disappointment. The ramen was just so-so. The worst part was the small portion and the lack of ingredients. The piece of meat you get for the "premium" soba was so sad. Overall, not satisfying.

Loved both the dishes! Generous portion of the chared rice makes 2 of us real happy :)

Interesting drink! Enjoyed it! It's like cafe latte with the smoothness of avocado. Need to mix well first as the avo layer was sweeter.

Nice flavours! As a corn lover, I am happy with the sweet corn bits inside :)

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Pizza was so so good! Crispy at the sides and juicy in the middle. Steak was ok.

Yellow curry seafood and pork cheek are my 2 fav dishea here. So far almost all the dishes have been satisfying except for the green curry.

One of the best egg benedict I have ever had with 65deg eggs! Mushrooms are also 👍


Best eel ever! We went there early and luckily it was only a 10min queue.