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Oyako Don ($12.50) Great place to dine in as you enjoy fellowship over good jap food with friends and family. $12.50 for a set with fruits and soup is pretty worth it. Chicken is tender, egg is tasty and sliced onions are sweet. Been coming back to have the same dish for months during lunch break!
Crispy & tender Pork Loin! This beats Saboten’s hands down, which I usually consider a fairly good katsu. This is s nice juxtaposition of crisp breading and tender pork loin with the right balance of fat. The rice is superbly fluffy and chewy and getting additional servings comes at no cost - except to the detriment of your waistline
❤️✨✨*Story Link in Bio✨✨❤️ I worked with Soon Hui (@hajime_tonkatsu_ramen)since the beginning of his Startup endeavour with Chef Tan in 2015. In 2017, we crushed our own expectations by hitting $1 million in revenue in the first year. Our PR effort created $200,000 in real dollar returns to the business. I have documented, in this post, what it took to make that happen. It wasn't all smooth sailing. There have been many moments of disagreement, and I'm so grateful that Soon Hui would put his ego aside and really open-heartedly share his thoughts with me. The start was tready, and we didn't know how people would react. But it worked out in the end. Guys, this is the entire secret: If you want to win in business, you have to be in the dirt and make every bit count. Be a practitioner, write the press releases, eat the food, personalise every invite and be present in the moment. Care about the things that make the business work, and you will succeed.
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