Joined the queue during the off-peak timing (10+am), and dabaoed my $3 lor mee. Tasty broth and good amt of noodles (before I loaded on the gravy!)

Might not queue on any other day though, if its going to be even longer.

Good sized portion for $5, and with tasty prawn broth! Got a mix of yellow noodles + beehoon, with several foolhardy attempts at the red chilli powder shaker.

Definitely worth a repeat if you're looking for a good tasty meal

Prawn + rib noodles at $3, small portion but well flavoured soup, down to the very last drop! Very tasty, and with chilli padi on the side, absolutely yummy.

Store #01-25 black carrot cake - slight char and good amount for $4, but too sweet for my liking

'Malaysian' style of dark wanton noodle sauce, with added chicken feet and dumpling soup. Noodles was alittle too soft (not the springy texture expected), but chicken feet had a peppery edge and was well braised. Dumplings were so-so (more crunch/veg instead of a balanced meat ratio). Lady seller was so friendly though and greeted everyone!

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#01-53 stall's soya sauce chicken noodle surprised me! Very springy noodles (able to rival many wanton noodles stalls!) and tender well-marinated chicken. Well worth the $3!

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Traditional 'chinese' laksa with cockles for 4 bucks. A nice chilli kick along with the tasty broth makes for a hearty breakfast bowl! My dad used to eat from this stall served by an uncle.. Gravy is less thick but no major complaints.

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Had kosong and bawang pratas, both came lukewarm, definitely not the crispy sorts (maybe they kept it on the counter for awhile) Normal curry was quite tasty, but skip the bland dhal curry!
Roti John came out warm, but dry. Definitely not the heart-warming, greasy and messy dish i was looking forward to!
Teh halia was average.
Not worth the time and certainly not the money, neighbourhood prata stalls might be even tastier!

Black Carrot cake (01-76) - had the $4 option which was really good value!
It was so good, I forgot to even take a pic..
Homemade chilli was different from the norm, a highlight as were the fried egg bits. Good textural and palatable mix of slightly charred eggs, soft eggy bits, the chopped 'cake' and crunchy radish.

Absolute yum!


Breakfast of Xiang Ji Porridge (01-81)- pork meat and liver for $3.50 (add 0.5cents for extras like egg, or century egg). Well seasoned and flavourful porridge base, with preserved veg pieces - a little extra umami!
Unimpressed with pork slivers - too soft, pork ball had too much flour/cornstarch and almost felt manufactured. Pork liver and overall meat ratio was still worth the price though.
Carrot cake from same hawker was heaps better though!

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Rather thick kueh skin, nothing too special. Perhaps the rendition of it fried with carrot cake would be a tastier bite.

Was so excited, had stirred and spooned half of it into my tummy before deciding to take a photo. Chockful of ingredients (this was the cuttlefish one), and the pork porridge was full of pork balls, lean pork, pork liver. $3.50 with egg; tasty and generous. Great value!