My 2nd time at Lai Lai and would go back again! Generous portion, fragrant charsiew and the wonton had substantial amount of filling too! I’ll try the chicken rice the next time.

The soup was fragrant with a little spice. Very generous w the mint leaves, love it. However the noodles were not the traditional kind so a little disappointed.

📍located in the mall Opposite ICA building, level 1

The kuaychap is very different from the Chinese version, it’s rolled up - giving a unique texture. However the soup was not flavorful, might go back again for the side dishes. The pork belly was crispy and fragrant!

📍Located along the street to Punggol Nasi Lemak

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Serving for 1 (一人份). Got the most basic one as we just wanted hot soup on a rainy day. Strong herbal taste in soup, but the meat was slightly tough.
Friendly service at this store! 3 minutes walk from Bangkok Spa.

5 pieces - $8. Very thick slice, fresh and yummy!

📍Beside coffee bean.
💰 Cash only, No GST.

$51 for 5 pax. I love this mookata because it’s good for a rainy day and there’s no fixed base price. The price is by the ingredients that you’ve chosen.

You can choose clear soup or tomyum soup base, which both are good!

💰 Breakdown: Dan dan noodle - $11.80 | Szechuan Spicy & sour noodle - $10.80 | Xiao Long Bao - $13.80 | Sheng Jian Bao - $6.80

👍🏻 We loved the Dandan noodle bcos of its peanut sauce w/ a tinge of spiciness. Noodles were tangy and not overcooked :)

Szechuan noodle was too spicy for my liking!
The Sheng Jian Bao was better than expected tho! It doesn’t have the pau texture to it, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.
XLB was normal, but better than Ding Tai Feng’s!

💵 UOB members: $10 discount off $60 spent

Flavorful soup, one of the best Pho I’ve had!! It’s quite a big bowl, very filling for me. The ambience is quiet and has a Vietnamese touch to it.

Will definitely come back to it again

📍No GST! Master & Visa card available

The mushroom soup is very flavorful with strong mushroom taste and real mushrooms in it. The mala was too spicy and oily for my liking, won’t order it the next time.

Ingredients came in fairly large portions and were very fresh. There was a wide range to choose from too.

Would definitely be back again for the tomato soup next time.

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My go-to every single time when I just need to grab quick lunch in CBD. It will never go wrong, and the set has sped up some decision-making time. Love the texture of the rice and it’s fragrance! Chili is good too, spicy enough for me.

Will try the chicken cutlet next time

💰 Credit cards & GrabPay possible

(No GST charges!!) First time here, and for the tzechar instead of its chicken rice! The curry fish head’s gravy was thick and fragrant, comparable to the one you’ll have in JB. Really good!!! Recommend you to try!

I ordered with the chicken rice RICE haha, very fragrant!

The other side dishes were up to expectations like other tzechar stalls 😊 not too oily, I like it.

📍Basement of Jurong Point 2
📍Gotta take a queue number, come earlier during dinner time
📍NOC Food King