Finally had the opportunity to try out one of the dishes from THIRDWAVE's newly revamp menu - The Green Shakshuka during the #burpplehangoutkl event today. This tomato-free version one-pot middle eastern egg dish is perfumed with warm spices; the eggs are poached in the sea of creamy green purée (mixture of spinach, zucchini and other green goodness). And of course, there's a piece of pita around to sop up all its creamy goodness!


Lunch done right at a hidden gem serving cheap and good home cooked cuisine with a twist in Jalan Ipoh. This smoked duck platter has got to be one of my favourite home cooked dishes in Lao Ma Zi's Restaurant. The smoked duck and pork belly slices immersed in lychee broth were so tender and juicy, it definitely caught me off guard.


Last week, my colleagues had been talking about the 'Big Bowl Curry Mee' for the past few days. Just for curiosity's sake, we decided to travel all the way from PJ to this restaurant in Selayang early in the morning. (Tips for all: in order to get your hands on this glorious bowl of curry noodles you have to arrive there latest by 7a.m and be patient as you have to wait at least 30 minutes to an hour to be served.)

So, what's so special about Coca Seafood Restaurant's Curry noodles? It's huge with generous amount of yellow noodles and mee hoon bathed in thick flavourful curry broth, topped with lots of toppings - fried wonton, char siew, roast pork, long beans, tofu pok, bean sprouts, cockles, curry chicken, bean curd sheet, fish cake, fish balls, pork paste and pork balls. Plus, it only cost RM9 for all the extra toppings added; definitely a value-for-money curry noodles experience.

This platter of grilled shrimp tacos has got to be one of my favourites - soft flour tortillas stuffed with refreshing slaw and tasty grilled shrimps + a side of pan-fried potatoes.
Taco-ing 'bout good stuff! 🌮
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My favourite has got to be the Sawadi-crab burger - crispy soft-shell crab topped with cheesy egg, mango salsa and smothered with flavourful thai mayo on soft charcoal bun. So good I was completely blown away. 😌

Thanks for having us, @shaunie.l !

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A return visit after two years and it never disappoints! This cafe used to only serve coffee and cakes, however they now have a good variety on the hot food menu and we couldn't decide on which one to try. Eventually we decided to order their Mac and Cheese (RM12) with beef bacon (+RM2) as we were looking for a comforting dish, and I have got to say it was the best Mac and Cheese I have had in a while. The cheese's earthiness combined with the chunks of beef bacon was irresistible, how can you not have a soft spot for this?

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