First Time Trying This And It's Actually Pretty Decent. 3 sizes, small, large and jumbo. The large size is equivalent to normal noodle bowl size outside so u have to order large as a regular meal. $5.50 for this, price still quite ok.

Love the food @bread yard. Prices also super reasonable. Definitely be back for more!


Ah Lam's has been a favourite since my youth days and it's still pretty solid. More small side dishes are currently available on the race course road outlet.

The drinks here are really quite expensive. $9.60 for a 12oz matcha latte. OMG... Almost fainted. That good? Die die i must try. Turns out pretty so so though taste is subjective. But I would say the matcha latte @starbucks is preferred.

Simple menu on deck but great quality food. Love the almond crossiant. Prices are also very reasonable. Can get crowded over the weekends so do go early before the lunch crowd swarms in.

The meats are great in taste and price @the armoury. Paired with good selection of crafts on the tap too. They have a $33 nett steak buffet promo which includes striploin, ribeye, pork ribs etc. It's insane. Love the outdoor seatings too!

I super love the food here, especially the spicy brocoli which essentially is mala brocoli. The 1 for 1 BB deal is a sweetener!

This is steak, it is recommended to top it with the raclette cheese. The steak on first sight looks poorly executed and a little dry but the raclette cheese made up for it.


Croissant was great. Well toasted and crispy. Salted egg filling could be more intense and less runny.

If the main theme of your cakeshop is cheesecake, it ought to be the bomb. However cat & the fiddles cheesecake are so so. Having tried a few from their menu, only oreo & cookies make the cut. Also their portion id so small for ~$7.90 per slice. Sufficient only for a 7 year old.

Hands dowb to their roasted duck. Superb. Can skip the rice/noodles, just order the duck.

Matcha berry waffle. Wouldn't say Im over the moon with the waffles as they are a little softer than the usual crispy ones I love. Was pleasantly surprised with the choco froyo ice cream. Very good and not overly sweet.

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