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Hojicha Soft Serve w/ Belgian Waffle The waffle was really fluffy, and the hojicha soft serve was not too sweet, and hence it made a perfect combination! ✨ Thanks to Burpple Beyond, my friend and I had this together with the charcoal waffle with 3 scoops of ice cream ONLY FOR $19 (WHAT A STEAL)! Definitely an overkill of sweet treats but we were truly extremely satisfied!
Good Flavours I tried twenty grammes after dinner at Brine just a few doors down, and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and texture of their ice cream, as well as the variety of flavours they had. Will be back to try their other flavours and waffles!
Waffles And Ice Cream! We had a bad experience with the Houjicha Waffles (covered in another entry) and were offered this as a replacement. We had the original waffles and one scoop of ice cream of our choice. We decided on matcha, and it turned out to be an awesome choice! The waffles had a crisp exterior and were soft on the inside - I’d classify it as one of the better Belgian waffles I’ve had. Twentygrammes has quite a good selection of ice cream flavours, but the matcha looked really thick (as evident from the deep green colour of the ice cream) and as matcha fans, we had to try it! The ice cream was rich, creamy, and had a nice balance of sweetness and bitterness from the matcha. If you’re not a matcha fan, the taste might be a bit strong for you, but if you love matcha, this will please your tastebuds for sure. I realised that certain bites of the the ice cream seemed to be darker green and had more of a thick sticky texture, which seemed as though the ice cream wasn’t uniformly mixed - but I’m not sure if this was intentional because I actually did enjoy the slightly different textures in the ice cream which made every bite more interesting (if that even makes sense). The waffles come drizzled with some honey which complements the slight bitterness of the matcha. The waffles didn’t get overly soggy even after more than 10 mins of contact with the ice cream and honey. Although it wasn’t as crispy as it first arrived, the waffles were pleasant all the way to the last bite. Definitely a waffle place I would return to ✌🏻
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YUCUN CURRY FISH HEAD | I came with expectancy after reading raving online reviews about their curry fish head. The star is no doubt their signature dish. Love the consistency of the creamy curry which goes really well with rice. The normal spice level was pretty mild. Opt for the spicy option if you can take the heat. The fish is my fav part, very fresh! Love the variety of veggies that were cooked till they soaked in the curry broth. . Sadly, all the other zichar dishes pale in comparison with their signature dish. The portion seems smaller than the usual 小 of the other zichar stores. Parking may also be an issue in this area. . Still a good place to go to for their curry fish head! Recommended for large group and the friendly staff are available to celebrate bdays in haidilao style (think loud bday songs and neon board).
Perfect Food After A Cool Rainy Day Ain’t nobody gonna wait for me to take a photo before digging in. Back here for the third time and it still is a great pot of curry fish head!! There’s 2 spicy levels to choose from, so if you’re not that great a spicy eater like me, no worries! Prawn paste chicken 👍🏼 Mantou 👍🏼 Red beancurd fried pork 👎🏼 Honey passion fruit drink 👎🏼 🤤🤤🤤
Prawn Paste Chicken I was gladly surprised that this dish wasn't too salty, and the batter and taste of the prawn paste was also not too overwhelming. The batter was just right. What's nice is they go by per piece here so you can choose how many pieces of wings you wna have per pax!
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