Do you see how small these sets are? Even the coke is larger than a serve of burgers and fries. It's a kid sized meal for $26. Lucky for the 1-1 offer otherwise its a major disappointment. The flavour of the Thai inspired burger was delicious though, spicy Thai mayo was so good. Just wish they were bigger and had more fries.

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The lamb burger was good but the charsiu ribs were smoking delicious. Tender, meaty, smothered in delicious char siu sauce it was really the bomb.

Unfortunately the service was outright shocking. The waiters took forever to even bring water to the table, the glassware was dirty, its very difficult to get the waiters attention and sometimes it's as though they're ignoring on purpose, you have to ask a few times to get something (like they will serve you food and not give cutlery and you have to chase them for it).

Would I go back? Well... If I could rate the charsiu ribs it was 10/10, but the service was 0/10. So I guess go for the food when you're in a zen mood and not already hungry / tired /cranky.


I've been here twice, once for a business dinner and once with burpple. The burpple Promo is a real disappointment, the set menu is curated specially for burpple users and portion sizes are so stingy it will barely tickle your stomach. They updated their burpple menu in Aug to $98 for “5 courses", each one disappears in 2-3 bites, I'm not a big eater and I was barely full, my husband left hungry. You're better off ordering from the normal menu and paying full price.

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Came here for lunch using 1-1 burpple beyond, ordered the roast chicken rice and the truffle beef don. Firstly notice the serving size difference, the Beef Don was tiny !! It barely tickles the stomach, even though its was same price ($16.9 nett) as the chicken dish which came with two chicken legs and a decent amount of quinoa. I'd feel robbed if I was paying full price.

The roasted chicken was delicious, tender, well seasoned and the quinoa tasted like chicken rice but with Quinoa instead which is much healthier. It was one of the recommended dishes on the menu. Won't be coming back for the truffle beef don that's for sure.

I normally would never order mushroom burgers, why would you when the juicy beef patties are always better? Except for now... This deep fried portabello mushroom burger with halloumi (25++) was so freaking good. Juicy, crunchy, salty, way better than their classic beef burger. I'm coming back for these shrooms any day.

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Their portions are tiny... Two lean slices of tuna with micro greens and a tiny bowl of rice is considered a main at $26++? Unless you're a tiny eater you need to order more than 1 main each to be satisfied. There were four of us dining and we ordered one entree, 4 mains and 3 desserts. The desserts were the show stealers in the end, really imaginative stuff and surprisingly delicious! I would only go back with entertainer app otherwise their stuff is just crazy overpriced for such tiny portions.

Finally had the opportunity to try this much raved about crab bee hoon. Was a bit apprehensive given so many negative reviews about the queue and the price, we went at 9pm so luckily was seated straight away and only waited 20 mins for the dish to arrive (there was only one other table in front of us). It was so fragrant you can smell the strong seafood and wok hei before even taking a bite. The noodles were wonderfully cooked, not too soft with a good bite to it and the flavour was fantastic! Aromatic and infused with crab essence, with distinct mushroom and sweet capsicum flavour. Finally there is a good dose of smoky wok hei and fried garlic. Super yum but after a few plates it feels just that little bit heavy on the palate. Our crab was slightly underdone, we had to send the legs back to be zapped in the microwave because the crab roe was a bit runny. We ordered one crab bee hoon to share between 3 of us ($84 per crab, fixed price not by weight). Overall verdict 7.5/10, the price is the pain point considering the location and dingy set up, compared to other decent seafood zi char places. Glad I tried it once but it's difficult to get to without a car and probably won't return.

Went to Kok Sen for lunch, luckily the queue wasn't too long given Christmas period. Ordered the smallest Prawn Hor Fun for $16 (enough for two small eaters) given all the raves on burpple and instagram. We also ordered a small portion of har cheong kai (prawn paste chicken) and fish noodle soup. The Hor Fun is a pretty unique dish with fragrant super rich prawn gravy, generous amounts of large prawns and bright crunchy greens. You can taste the wok hei in the noodles too. Only criticism is the prawns are slightly overcooked and a little powdery. It's quite a rich dish on its own so you may need to order other lighter dishes to balance out the meal. The har cheong kai was pretty average (won't order next time) but the fish noodles were yum too!! 8/10 overall. Will return.

On a whim we went to Oppa Chicken for lunch, it was dead quiet with only one other table there during peak hour - we were instantly worried the food will be terrible. We ordered the medium size honey garlic and spicy versions as those were the most popular (Medium size was $22.90 for 10 pcs), and it did not disappoint! Chicken was tender and generously slathered in sauce, and the skin still had a slight crunch to it. The sauce was really good too, especially the honey garlic which wasn't too garlicy and good level of sweetness. Two medium serves were too much for two of us, but definitely enough for three. And with the 1-for-1 entertainer offer, it's a seriously cheap lunch steal (note no additional GST and Service Charge!!). Winning. Definitely coming back here.

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Delicious but massively overpriced and rather dead ambience for a Saturday night. Even the side dishes of sweet potato was $15 for 4 thin slices, seriously! Even with the entertainer 1-for-1 offer, I wouldn't go back. You'll get more value elsewhere for sure.

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Another great business lunch setting or fabulous date night, the menu is mainly pastas or main dishes with extremely generous portion sizes. White table cloths, attentive wait staff, posh atmosphere and light jazz in the background (they don't cram tables together, thankfully). We started with the house bread basket which had a fabulous selection, followed by pasta for mains. The squid ink seafood pasta ($38++) was housemade and had a firm bite, with generous servings of seafood. Highly recommended for a lovely date night, and great value with the entertainer app!

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We went for lunch at Osteria, the place was packed for a Tuesday! Ordered the tagliolini with crab and tomatoes ($35++), there was generous amounts of crab meat but the serving size was rather small. Pasta was cooked slightly softer than Al dente (I prefer a bit more of a bite). Only complaint is that serving size could be slightly bigger. It's filling for smaller appetites (females) but guys might need something more! Not bad value with the entertainer app but otherwise you get better fed ordering the business set lunch.