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Had the fried steak, unagi and hamburg steak and the food honestly so so. The service by the boss was good though and the boss was really friendly. However, I guess they’re newly opened and hence they are still trying to sort things out!

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Although a tad expensive, would say that its comparable to my personal fave - 109 Yong Tau Foo at Circular Rd and the atmosphere is really nice too as the place turns into a bar at night. However, go early or slightly after lunch to skip the insane lunch time crowd.

Had a couple of dishes and what struck me was their authentic si chuan flavour!
The si ji dou were the best in my opinion, we also ordered the shui zhu yu but the fish tasted pretty stale. :/

Perfect for a quick cbd lunch. 😍 Was craving so badly for korean food and it did the job!

Infused with the flavour of carrot cake, this crispy tofu tasted so much like a finer version of cai tao kueh 😍 it has a super unique texture too. Yum!

Had a girl’s night out here and the food was really good! Had the salmon ($23) on Burrple Beyond and it was delish! The mushrooms were really fragrant and the fish was well cooked. Thumbs up!

Expected more from this prata that came highly recommended!!! Enaq at Jurong East is much better. But overall the local ambience makes for a nice cosy supper place. :-)

Had truffle chawanmushi with a vanishing unicorn which was highly raved by everyone on social/burpple! :-) It did not disappoint. Had this unagi fried rice as well which was quite delicious. But the star of the day was the seafood Wok Hey Porridge that the boy got. Thumbs up for Uncle Kiisu in terms of novelty and quality! 👍🏻

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Did my own rendition of fine dining using buffet materials just coz I was b0red. They had super fresh lobsters but they were served cold. I like my food hot so a little trick is to put them in hot soup and walaaaa tasty springy lobsters ☺️

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Aaaaaahmazing. 🙌🏻
Salivating at this photo now cos it was dat good. They used original wasabi grounded root as well, instead of artificial ones normally served.
Gotta try the unagi maki too! ($25+), the combination was bomb and filling enough for 2 pax. Made even better through Burpple Beyond!

Best pancakes I’ve tasted so far! Topped with vanilla chantilly cream, this mousse-like texture melts in your mouth! Add $3 for soft serve and I promise it will bring you up to cloud nine. ☁️9️⃣


Yummers! Surprisingly, this wasn’t that spicy. Every mouthful was a burst of umami, infused with chilli oil and a tinge of tomatoey sweetness - the perfect dish for spice novices.

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