Yummy!! Croissant won’t get soggy fast too
Worth the $16 👍🏻

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Ramen and Cha siew was super tasty , it’s a hearty meal 🥰 I added a hard boil egg for ($1.60)

Injeolmi petit is a must but now thy Are experiencing shortage of Injeolmi rice cake so it’s replaced with matcha rice cake on another hand, mango petit is my to go as I love mango and it’s not too sour nor too sweet 🥰

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Bingsu, d korean style ice kachang

Mushroom noodles | simple and sweet | comfort food

Breakfast crepe with sausage scrambled egg and veg very filling and tasty but must shared among friends and family

It's basically cheese ramen (korean style instant noodle) they even have d cutlery same as korean, its located at scape mall and its beside fishtales || if you wanna add noodles , meat ( pork, chicken, beef ) , egg (hard boiled, cracked inside d bowl , fried) is juz $1 for everything tt you add , soft drinks are at $1.5/can

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Panfried honey caramelized banana, salted dark chocolate, peanuts with chocolate ice cream. Unique crispy side eggy pancakes pancakes originally from Germany but made famous in USA.

Imagine gravel consists of Oreo cookie crumbs and roughly crushed ice - this Bingsu is a slip road off Sime Road. 3.6/5