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Secret Life Of Fatbacks

Secret Life Of Fatbacks

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Shawn Loh
Shawn Loh
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Charcoal seafood paella by Josper from Pura Brasa, a Spanish concept which recently opened its first Singapore outlet at Tanjong Pagar Centre.

The tomato-heavy paella appears basic yet was immensely satisfying, a pleasurably salty affair with energetic bursts of flavour and rice grains which possess a youthful, NSF-esque firmness. 4/5

Signature Kaisendon from Kaisen Tei (United Square),the Teppei Syokudo-aping wing of the MOF Group.

Whilst the sushi rice and various ingredients (of varying degrees of freshness) are largely and surprisingly passable, the soya sauce-esque marinade is of a thirst-inducing quality, while the ghastly, icy tamago chunks clearly possess bats-in-underwear levels of sexual frigidity. 3.1/5

Just thinking about this tasting platter of three different ceviche - Tono, Mixto, and Nikkei - that I had seventy-one pisco sours ago at Tono Cevicheria, a Peruvian concept newly-opened at Duo Galleria in Bugis.

Aside from their signature ceviche, the menu also includes a range of Peruvian dishes (with whole sections dedicated to their Tiger's Milk-marinated sashimi and potato salad) and mains, which include one rather delicious Arroz con Mariscos, or seafood rice with crabmeat, aji panca, aji amarillo base and achiote oil. The seafood here are wonderfully fresh, and often pleasurably crunchy. I need to return for more.

Chilli Toro Saba from Sabar (Japan Food Town, Wisma Atria).

The mackerel was decadently slick in its own oil, while the spicy chilli crab-esque sauce was a scorching spitfire, untempered by the usual mollifying elements such as egg or tomato. Sweat-inducingly pleasurable. 4/5

"Kaiwen's Laksa" (pasta, crab meat, prawn) from Pixy Bar & Cuisine along Mohamed Sultan Road.

Essentially a soupy and satisfying cross between laksa-flavoured Nissin cup noodle (complete with similarly Lilliputian shrimp) and, well, laksa, which comes with an indulgent dollop of lovingly sweet crab meat. 3.9/5

Lion Prawn Mala Mee Kia (capellini, tiger prawns, garlic, chilli padi, mala seeds, prawn roe) from the wonderfully named Be My Guest Cafe, newly-opened in Tai Seng.

Despite it probably being quite a while since the prawns left their home, the nicely slick capellini smelled irresistible from its prawn perfume, and the mala seeds provided a snackish, wicked crunch. 3.8/5