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Secret Life Of Fatbacks

Secret Life Of Fatbacks

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Shawn Loh
Shawn Loh
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"Kawa Ebi Swim in the Chillies" (deep fried river shrimp stir-fried with Sichuan spice mix) from Birds of a Feather's new menu which launches 6 April 2017.

Essentially the spiritual sequel to their popular Find the Chicken in the Chillies. Underneath the river shrimp's gently crispy exterior lies a Sensitive New Age Guy-esque masculine softness, and the "mala" heat mileage for the dish varies - the naked river shrimp alone reveals just a feathery tease of sting, whilst a careless spoonful may yield a significantly more insistent numbing and sensuous plumping of the lips. 3.8/5

This was a hosted meal, courtesy of Birds of a Feather.

Spicy Sesame Kaisendon from Teppei Syokudo.

Essentially your usual Teppei Kaisendon but with the usual heavy-handedly salty marinade replaced with a muchly welcome, gently numbing mentaiko-esque spicy sauce. Little bits of chilli padi provide the odd needling tingle alongside their usual nose-teasing wasabi. Make it a permanent fixture on the menu, please? 4.1/5

Shoyu Caramel Waffle Fries from Gastrosmiths at Katong i12.

Essentially the seaweed-coated and caramel-drenched lovechild from a urgently erotic tryst between a Gymboxx-built French fry and a curvy, flirtatiously coquettish potato chip. 4/5

Just thinking about this Hong Shao Beef Ragout Orecchiette (Sichuan-style braised beef short ribs, Parmesan foam, spinach, black fungus, pine nuts, egg confit) that I had forty-one flirty cuckoos ago at Birds of a Feather along Amoy Street.

This dish is one of the many items on the restaurant's new menu which launches 6 April, and other friends joining the avian party include the Pig Ear Mosaic, "Xiang Su" Duck, the black-and-white black sesame dessert MonoTone, and a naughty deep-fried shrimp sequel to the popular Find The Chicken In the Chillies. Spanking new weekend brunch offerings such as the eggtastic Bird Skillet and Big Bird First (big breakfast? geddit? - Joke Tuition Teacher) will also be introduced the same week.

Chilli crab rillettes with fried mantou from Garang Grill, a pop-up concept from the people behind New Ubin Seafood which soft launched within the premises of the now defunct Slake.

The uncharacteristically shrimpy chilli crab, whilst slightly assertive in its umami saltiness, was mushily smooth and ideal as a spread, but its containment in a jar was a curious choice that came across fairly "Macallen in a plastic cup", and the given ratio of chilli crab to mantou was akin to applying a 36D cup size onto a 32B. Fit is important. 3.8/5

Fatback Ears Down: Comtesse de Fleur from Epiphyte Canopies, the bar concept above Epiphyte along Neil Road.

People know exactly what they are getting when it comes to a visit here, but for those who want a quick rush to the...head, the drinks on offer are bluntly, bluntly efficient.