The taste curry surely didn’t disappoint in this case, the fried chicken was coated with thick layer of curry seasoning powder.

Despite being really yummy for the a few pieces, we got a bit sick of it towards the end.. feeling like we ate too much Maggi mee seasoning, or simply too much MSG.

I would recommend this as a sharing dish, with other complementing dishes.

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Jjimdak is simply chicken stew, we ordered the non-spicy base this time.

The chicken was first fried before placing into savoury soy gravy base with Korean chewy noodle, topokki (Korean rice cake) and beansprout. Despite being fried, the chicken pieces were really tender and juicy, went really well the the gravy.

BE WARNED, attempt the spicy base at your own risk.

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As part of Chir Chir’s new menu, which was launched in end 2017, this Cheesy Dalgalbi is one of the highlights.

Generous pile of chicken tenders with fully loaded bed of mozzarella cheese, served on hot plate.

The mozzarella cheese melted right in front of our eyes while the hotplate was being heated up.

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Great fried chicken waffles from new cafe in JB - Mrs Who. 2 pieces of crispy fried chicken thighs, golden waffles and drizzles of spiced maple syrup!
Yummy combo that I would be back for!

Always calling it the ‘burrata bomb’!
Such a pleasure to have a ball of fresh burrata cheese going with cured parma ham and rucola salad.

Best salad combination!

Not a usual pasta person but this Carbonara was good!
Very creamy and cheese but still managed to finish the whole plate without feeling too overwhelming.

Standard italian plate that’s not stated on menu. Just wave and order.

This is always the favourite and soonest to clear whenever we bring friends to this place.
Strong truffle mushroom filling that goes so well with the traditional roman schiacciata.
Definitely a die die must order here. Comes in small and large portions.

This large portion consists of 4 different pizza variants, 3 slices each!
Medium crust with authentic italian toppings.
Must try the BACON ZUCCHINI!
Unique and super yummy.

This has a different recipe than the ones serving in Singapore. More flour taste and lacking leek, seafood were either small or dried.
Not my personal favourite..

Padi chilli Fried Rice Chicken - Boneless thighs.
Sweet and spicy!
Sad they do not served whole chicken here...

Loyal of Oven&Fried Chicken!

One of the best ‘ulu’ place to enjoy your peaceful evening. Hidden within science park, serving great thin crust pizza, variations of fried chicken wings, charcoal fish and chips, and more!

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Our dim sum lunch spread for today~ $70 for 2pax.

Full review on Yum Cha,

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