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Char Kuey Tiao ($4) Apparently Lim doesn’t sell their Hokkien mee in the day. :( So I settled for their CKT instead. It was nubbad, with a light wok hei and a good spicy kick. Didn’t enjoy the tiny little prawns used though as it dried up.
Hokkien Mee $5 Plugging away at this nondescript coffee shop along Changi Road is the brother of the owner of the more famous Kim’s Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee. Having learned the craft from his sibling, he eventually set up his own stall which has seen multiple changes in location before settling in Hock Choo Eating House. Fans of a drier style of Hokkien mee will definitely dig this. The noodles are imbued with maximum flavour from having soaked up a richly umami broth made from pork bones, chicken, dried anchovies and sweet corn, which partially makes up for the lack of wok hei. What sets this Hokkien mee apart is the use of crispy fried ikan bilis as a garnish, adding a welcome crunch to the gloriously slurpy mess. Worth a visit if you’re in the hood. Taste: 3.5/5
Grew up with Lim Hokkien Fried Mee and it continues to be our favourite over the years. They use a combination of yellow, thick white noodles and beehoon. We like how it’s not too wet which a lot of stalls do, making it seem as if we’re slurping soup based noodles. The stock has strong garlic and prawn fragrance, with slight wok hei. Crispy fried pork lard and ikan bilis are also provided, which we gladly mix in to enhance the flavors. • Hokkien Mee SGD4.00
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salted caramel red velvet cake $8 per slice // couldn’t resist this cake that combined 2 of my favorite flavors, and for $8, i was served with a VERY generous slice. loved how the salted/buttery component of the caramel balanced out the sweetness from the red velvet cake, and it was simply delightful, to have the frosting cover each beautiful burgundy morsel. the cake was also extremely moist. being a big fan of red velvet cakes and having tried from various places, i would say few places do it well (sufficient chocolate + somewhat acidic taste) and chalk farm’s version was stellar!! there were 25 cakes on display (!!) and i’ll definitely be back to try the other flavors
Kueh Salat [$9] Finally tried the famous two-layered Nyonya dessert, Kueh Salat, from Chalk Farm. The three of us don’t understand the hype (it’s nothing to shout about) or why it’s so expensive (Internet says it used to be $5.30 and now somehow it’s $9?) 🤷🏻‍♀️ The green custard layer is really eggy, and pretty watered down in terms of flavour. It lacks any pandan flavour or fragrance. The butterfly pea extract infused glutinous rice layer is pretty mushy. It would be better if there was more texture and was less soft, such that you could taste each grain of glutinous rice. Verdict: It’s okay for afternoon tea but please support your local auntie at the hawker centre who sells a much more amazing, satisfying, cheaper, more authentic version of this kueh :)
Hazelnut Loaf Cake This buttery cake caught my eye cos of the generous amt of hazelnuts piled on the cake. Nutella cream on top was a little sweet but the nuts were divine. So rich so good.
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Scallop w/ Uni $18 The cramped and cosy 13-seater interior reminded me of neighbourhood sake bars in Tokyo, but the less than ideal air conditioning and heat from the kitchen certainly didn't make for comfortable dining. Luckily the carafes of cold sake went someway in providing relief from the warmth. Food here is tasty in general but otherwise very average. We enjoyed the scallops and asparagus bathed in a seafood-y cream sauce, as well as the cheap $3 otoshis(compulsory appetisers) of potato salad, liver pate, bread and baby anchovies. I would feel more inclined to return if the air conditioning situation was improved. Taste: 3.5/5
This needs no introduction. Lunch Bara-Chirashi at @bistrodulepin is perhaps the highlight of any weekday soirée on Orchard Road. At $14 a bowl, I am hard pressed to find a similar quality, hearty meal than this one; comes with a miso prawn soup.
Gotta exclaim that the 9-course Omakase dinner here was a real good value and quality for the $70. Situated in old Orchard Plaza, this is just a small establishment with confined space, giving one the same feel like that in Japan itself. Not as obvious from its name, it is actually Japanese fused with French influences. And the result was a Japanese dining experience with surprises in taste. That explained why the meal started with appetisers with cream cheese, liver pâté and burrata cheese. On top of the more typical but fresh items like Hiroshima oyster and Anago sushi, we were intrigued by their other items done very differently. Their sashimi was served with an interesting miso-peanut butter like sauce which gave it an awesome flavour, we’ll-complemented with crispy garlic chips and wasabi. The fried tuna was served with a tartar-like toppjng that went well with the deep-fried tuna. The meal was no lacking in premium ingredients, with black cod, king crab, Kagoshima beef and Uni. The black cod was well-executed and flavoured with a plum-pesto sauce, special and delicious. The king crabs were done tempura style and served with also an unique orange ginger sauce. Biting into those well-marbled juicy beef was just heavenly. And the meal definitely ended on a high note with the yummy angel hair pasta topped with Uni and generous portion of Ikura. By the end of the meal, we felt absolutely satisfied, with the good deal, quantity and quality of the food. We would recommend to add on a sake or wine to make the experience an even better one. Due to its space and popularity, early reservation will be a necessity to avoid any disappointment.
I makan
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Carnitas Pulled Pork Bowl This comes with pulled-pork, corn, avocado, garlic stick and brown rice. The avocado tastes really bad, bitter and too watery (did they mix it with water?). However the pulled-pork is the bomb! I’ve never tasted any pulled-pork so sweet and tender. I’d recommend anyone to try their pulled pork!💯
Jamaican Grilled Chicken grain bowl The grain bowl also comes with grilled eggplant, baby spinach, salsa, quinoa and the bread of the day which was a breadstick on the day I went. The breadstick was super flavorful and herby yet crispy and buttery and probably my favorite part of the grain bowl. The other elements were decent but the quinoa could’ve been seasoned better as it was bland. The bread and coffee here is really good though and I’d recommend.
Shakshuka with Mushrooms ($14) 04/09/19 'Red Peppers, Tomatoes, Two eggs, Mushrooms (Instead of Salsicca pork sausage), Feta cheese, Chives, Hokkaido Brioche' Sauce is of thin consistency with strong tomato flavour, huge chunks of mushrooms and a hint of saltishness from the feta cheese. It was also savoury and slightly peppery, complementing the sweet and tangy tomato sauce. Hokkaido brioche was crisp and crunchy on the outside but moving nearer towards the middle, it could have been more fluffy and airy (Was dense and chewy). Overall, lots of flavour just not something that I will eat. Taste: 6.5/10 Full review at:
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