Instead of having the usual cafe eggs Benedict or big breakfast etc, this colourful restaurant serves up brunch during the weekends. I had the sweet corn fritters with guacamole, free range eggs and sour cream while my friend had the Super Racheros, which consists of corn tortilla with eggs, bacon, ham, tomato salsa and cheese. We also had their super smoothies, and boy are they really superb and healthy too! I enjoyed the pear and rhubarb one, a slightly unusual pairing which flavours are robust and slightly sour, yum! After which, we had their Super Churros (not pictured) and I kid you not, they're one of the best I've tasted- light and fluffy without the greasy aftertaste. I've tried the dinner menu before and their selections are delicious! I'll be back for more salsa! 💃

Situated in a tiny, crammed place, plastered with Japanese posters is this no-frills ramen restaurant. Choose between 4 flavoured soups, noodle textures and condiments. It comes with free flow boiled eggs too! The flavourful soup tastes slightly creamy and doesn't leave any bad aftertaste in your mouth. Delicious and satisfying!


For those who crave and yearn for Bangkok's famous coconut ice-cream, fret not! This small store not only serves the coconut flavour, but also other tropical flavours such as banana, mango and passionfruit. Each flavour is smooth and creamy, almost similar to the consistency of a gelato. On top of this, you can choose 2 to 3 toppings, giving this dessert different textures, plus, you'll get a cup of pure coconut juice to go along, making this entire combination a refreshing treat!


Something different from the usual lemon curd- sweet with a little zing! Something for the upcoming festivity! 🎄

Step into the whimsical world of kitsch interior decor and be enchanted by the small yet drool-worthy selection of gourmet burgers and sides. My friend and I tried the Baby Huey (think juicy beef patty. Mmm!), Honky Tonk (crispy deep fried chicken with onion relish) and Naughty Fries (hand cut potatoes topped with minced beef and deep fried shallots. A little Asian twist to your normal beef fries). The buns were fluffy and soft, and the best part was that they don't get soaked in the juicy patty/sauce. I personally felt that the fries had a very oily aftertaste once we were halfway through it, but it was pretty interesting and tasty I must admit! Bless my clogged arteries! 🍔🍟

A family favourite since my grandad's time. A squeezy shop which serves wonderful, delicious and aromatic dishes, accompanied by fragrant rice which (I highly assume) is infused with some coconut milk. My ultimate favourites are the green curry chicken, chicken innards, achar, brinjal, fried fish, ikan bakar with black sauce & onions & chilli, begedil... Too many! I'm always spoilt for choice and end up over-ordering, only to leave my seat feeling too full but obviously very satisfied. Don't forget their homemade blended chilli- it isn't very spicy but it gives a good kick with any of their dishes! My umpteenth time there and still resisting to drool as I type this post. Be there early- almost everything sells out by 2pm!

Excellent grade of beef cooked medium rare, topped with shaven Parmesan, with a side of arugula and fresh tomatoes with pesto are winning combinations, resulting in this perfect dish. I was in heaven- who knew beef and cheese could go so well together? Second time here and looking forward to my next visit again.

Two variations of crostini: ricotta, parma ham, baby spinach and figs, drizzled with acacia honey / seasoned cherry tomatoes with spinach. Delish!

Everyone's making a bee line to try this famous soft serve and obviously, I had to join! I tried the 'organic cotton candy affagato'. The soft serve was thick- almost having the same consistency as a gelato in my opinion. It is then topped with cotton candy, with hot espresso poured over and topped with more cotton candy. The coffee tones down the sweetness, which I like. I feel that it's pretty pricey for a small cup, and not really cream of the crop (as mentioned in my title!), but still deserving enough as a treat! 🍦

I didn't get a chance to visit the one in Tokyo earlier this year, so I'm pretty psyched about this famous outlet here. Ordered the lemon tart - I have a soft spot for them- and this version is excellent! Some people may find it a tad too sour, but I enjoy it the way it is. Also, I can't miss out on the recommended Crêpe Suzette, flambé in front of you, has a strong Grand Marnier flavour alongside the orange syrup. The matcha caffe latte has a strong flavour so I enjoyed it as well! The prices of the crêpe and latte are steep in my opinion. As for the service, it can be further improved, but I suppose the lack of staff could be the partial contributing factor. I wished they could be more attentive given that the restaurant wasn't packed on a weekday afternoon when I was there.

West siders rejoice! 🎉 This charming, rustic, authentic Italian restaurant sits on the second level of the newly opened HillV2. Upon entering, I was awed by the ambience, furnitures and up till the heavy copper utensils that I was contemplating to shamelessly ask whether I could bring one set home, but obviously I didn't 😂 A couple of the staff there are Italians - extra cheese points! We ordered bruschetta with cooked ham and stracchino cheese, pizza with parma ham and rocket leaves, crispy golden seafood in semonila crumb, baked eggplant parmigiana and slow-braised lamb ragout gracchiette. They were all equally delicious, each with its own distinct flavour, but I enjoyed the lamb ragout pasta and the baked eggplant best! I'm looking forward to my next meal there and that includes trying one of my favourite Italian dessert: cannoli. One word to describe this place: Fantastico!

This relaxing restaurant specialises in crêpes. I tried the "Coco Chanel"- yes, you read that right - which consists of dark chocolate, sliced almonds, poached pears and the lightest chantilly cream. The crêpe is slightly chewy and the ingredients compliment each other nicely with the different textures and flavours. Shall go back soon to try their savoury ones!