Order salmon bowl, breakfast toast, sides and yoghurt bowl
Everything was just average
Too much yogurt, very cloying, should added more granola/ fruits to balance it.
Would not drop by if not for burrple 1 for 1.
Coffee was better compared to foods served.

Good experience
But rice is too much.
Even my guy friend couldn't finish.
Do let them know to lessen the rice.
Wagyu was really fatty, would opt for regular beef next time

Beef was too chewy. Got tired chewing ๐Ÿ˜’
Their homemade tofu has also changed, I was looking forward to that soft mochitexture tofu.
Soup tasted like salt water.
Sashimi was still okay, whlist their side cabbage dish was good.

Great food great service
Whilst coffee could do better.
Will be back!

Coffee not standardise
Order 3 coffees amongst us friends. Some was too milky. Some regular.
Order beef Pita,tasted okay.

beautifully crafted menu, disappointing foods.
Beef was too chewy
Sourdough was plasticky
Hummus tasted nice but overly oily
Good thing their Coffee saved the day.
Would be here only for coffee.

Great dinner,
Great beef cut
Will order one portion of their fat rice for 2 to share next round.
Their porridge was nothing too fancy.
Rice was better.

One of the worst scones I've tried
Burnt, bitter and hard.
Using spray canned whipped cream instead of clotted cream
No amount of icing sugar can cover the burnt top.
Also the oat/soy milk options they use are not barista worthy, they use magnolia f&n brands which are loaded with sugar.
Whilst they told me they use quality milk no sugar. Obviously lied.

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They serve real legit pasta here.
Though in small portions.
Tried their other mains which turned out pretty good as well.
Price mid slight high range.

One of my fav coffee joint
Serving strong creamy robust coffee๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
Food is pretty decent too.

Brunch was pretty good
But price on the high side for portions served
Cute quaint cafe, can get pretty noisy.
Coffee was so-so, expected better from them.

Service was great.
But food wasn't
Ordered BBQ ribs, too sweet
Pork bowl, very little shredded pork meat fried with eggs (oily)
Chicken breast was slightly tough, lacks taste.

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