Flavours from top-left clockwise direction; Pure Hazelnut (C), Earl Grey Lavender (P), Strawberry Fields (C), Rich Dark Chocolate (C).

Cosy little spot around the neighbourhood that serves up delicious vegan ice cream as well as other savoury items. Can really taste the ‘healthiness’ of the dessert with a slight touch of graininess from the rice (I assume)! Despite it being a healthy alternative, natural flavours still managed to stand out but the crowd-pleaser got to be Rich Dark Chocolate. You can never go wrong with anything Chocolate! 🍫

Forgotten the exact name of this tart but boy, this was such a delicious and decadent treat! The chocolate wasn’t overly sweet which balances out really well with the tart layer beneath. Paired with bits of nuts on the top layer that added a slight crunch to it. Overall an amazing and fuss-free treat that’s quite convenient to get be it the area you reside in! 😋🍫

Lo & behold, finally had a taste of this popular chain after such a long time since it arrived! Opted for 50% sugar level + normal ice level and it was just perfect. Can really taste the premium-ness of the tea taste, as it was freshly brewed to order, and the mango added a refreshing touch! Bubbles were also huge and chewy, and had a delicious taste + pleasant after taste to it. It’s an amazing drink overall but am not sure if I would repurchase, would perhaps try the other signature drinks next time!

Not the best photo, but definitely one of the best corndog around! Was an unexpected find in the town area, and surprisingly really delish! Crispy yet fluffy batter with generous amount of mozzarella cheese filling, complete with an amazing cheese pull 🧀 Awesome stuff and would totally have it again!

Tucked in a little corner at the basement of Raffles City, this is indeed a hidden gem. Flavourful pork belly slices plus side of corn bits, seaweed flakes as well as an onsen egg atop a bowl of fluffy rice, it’s truly an amazing union. Booked this through eatigo at a 50% discount and it just made everything so much more worth! Be sure to get their tempura items as well that’s freshly prepared upon order to complete your meal!

Each set comes with 1 scoop of classic flavour at $8.80, topped up 50c for premium toppings; $2.80 for additional scoop! Both Blue Chai Hokkaido Milk and Dark Chocolate are both premium flavours and they are indeed delicious! The pairing of freshly prepared cookie - the warm, gooey lava filling plus the icy confectionery tasted divine! The cornflakes at the side gave an additional crunch as well which was a nice overall touch! Was expecting a really sweet dessert but this is really perfect for a 50% sugar level bubble tea person ☺️

Smooth gelato with strong flavours of lychee plus a little hint of raspberry touch + bits. The boutique offers other interesting variety of flavours that’s be sure to spoil your choices!

Affordable and super tasty rendition of classic carbonara, with quite a generous amount of mushrooms + bacon. Oh and not forgetting the free homemade ice lemon tea with every purchase of a main! Don’t forget to pick a brownie up as well ($1.50 with any set meal purchased, $2 alacarte), moist and dense enough, awesome way to end off the meal!

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A pretty unique ice cream cafe experience with super cute interior. Loved the combination of warm waffles paired with the ice cream. Lots of interesting flavours that’s be sure to suit each individual’s taste, will definitely be back to try the others!

Chocolate drink that never goes out of trend! Chose Low-fat milk & no whipped cream just to be 2% healthier! 🤪

Perfect fluffy ice with mango flavour, toppings include chewy aiyu jelly, fresh and sweet mango cubes & 2 flavours of chewy tapioca pearls which really just looked like mini tangyuans! Opted for an additional side of tapioca pearls for $1.50 per serving just for more texture in the dessert. Only downside is that the pearls lacked flavour, tho the colour’s supposed to mimick strawberry & matcha? Overall is still a perfect dessert for the sunny sg weather! ✨🌞

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