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Omurice & Mentaiko Pasta Set Menu ($12.9) The portion is crazy.......which is generous enough to feed two person! You can choose the combo (with pasta) or ormurice stand alone. For the source, there are 4 options: chilli tomato sources, creamy white sauce, wafu sause and demiglace sause. Demuglace sause is the default selection for omurice, which is what I chose. My friend chose chilli tomato, which is just nice level of spiciness. The omelette is cooked perfectly, which is rich and creamy.
Omurice Set with Demiglace Sauce (add. Chicken Teriyaki Hamburg) [$12.90] ▪️ You can expect to wait for about 30 mins on a weekday evening ▪️ It was nice of them to offer free flow of tea whilst we were waiting in the queue for our seats ▪️ The omurice set was of pretty good value ($9.90), even with the addition the teriyaki hamburg ($3) ▪️ My friend thought the fried rice could have used a little more flavour, but I felt differently ▪️ I thought its neutral taste was the perfect counterbalance to the to the umami-packed demiglace sauce and the chicken hamburg ▪️ My friend mentioned that the egg could have been silkier, while I thought it was not overly contrasting from the texturally softer ones in the dish ▪️ The addition of spicy chili flakes and dried parsley will make all the difference here ▪️ The highlight of the dish here was (un)surprisingly the chicken teriyaki hamburg. I noticed it was flavourful at every way through the patty I remember having an awful breakfast and lunch beforehand, so it’s safe to say that this was the saving grace! I’m already having thoughts to go back if the opportunity ever presents itself. 😍 (7.7/10)
Combo Omurice With Demi Glace Sauce With Mentaiko Spaghetti And Omurice With Creamy White Sauce They have free flow beansprout for you while waiting. Also complimentary salad and soup which is quite nice. The spaghetti was nice The Omurice itself is meh The demiglace sauce is quite nice The white sauce is not bad Overall 3/5 But for the queue is not worthed
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Atka Mackerel 17.9++ First bite wasnt impressive but wow the centre was really oily and flavourful. Well crisped up on the skin side and blackened mostly(slightly bitter). Pretty good but the oil pools at the bottom SO FLIP IT OVER Asap once u received the Fish so that the skin doesnt get soggy from the oil. For the Small bites that comes along w this, im really glad they adjusted the umeboshi(pickled Plums) so that it's less intense and more herbal+sweet, which is more suited to our palate. The Grilled cheese was intense and that's right up my alley. Luckily it's a two biter so even those who dont like cheese wouldnt have to endure too much of it. The sweet sauce potatoes were rlly good right out of the wok, as the sesame seeds would have been super fragrant(courtesy of the nice rice-cooking lady) but it's nowhere near as good when cold
Teriyaki Chicken 14.9++ Still not perfect, but definitely the best teriyaki chicken ive had. The sauce was the right balance of sweet and savoury, and i only hope they marinated the chicken as i prefer stronger flavours. There's a bit of crisp and the chicken was super juicy. Maybe still get the Fish unless you're not a big Fan of seafood, then this would be a good reason to visit.
Rice (complimentary) I dont want to ruin your experience by raising your expectations too high, but this could very well be the best white rice ive had. Each bowl is meticulously cooked upon order, and rightfully the effort pays off in perfectly cooked long grains, all well-separated. The rice had a slight chew and really the texture itself is a rapture. I hope the photo is doing the grains some sort of justice, they really look like jewels.
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