Ordered the cool mixed la mian and signature beef noodles. Personally preferred the cool mixed noodle as the noodles were springy and extremely tasty, and were complemented further by their unique sauce of mustard and sesame. Highly recommend mixing it with the chili oil. The sour plum and green onion pancakes were extremely disappointing. The sour plum was not cold enough which may be why it tasted bad. The lemon tea was not too sweet and was much better than the sour plum. The green onion pancake is hard, too doughy and tasteless. Would definitely be back for the cool mixed noodle and try other noodles offered here.

The food was amazing. The pork cheeks were super tender and the taste blended perfectly with the mashed potato, mushroom and sauce. The breakfast set was huge. Probably one of the best croissants I had in awhile. The only flaw in that dish was the bacons as they were too dry and hard. The place was very chill and aesthetically pleasing. The music were also good and uplifting. Overall, I would definitely recommend and will go back again.

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The cream tasted very light and fluffy and the cake was very soft. Very worth it with 1-1. Only wished that the place could offer a upgrade to their flavour Swiss roll. Would probably come and try their other Swiss roll flavours in the future. A nice place to chill and hang out. Not suitable for large group. Good place for a date!

Got one chicken kaarage, egg benedict and caesar salad. It's a bit pricey if not for the one for one. Both the waffle and the pancake was really good. We added the salad and it tasted really good too. The portions was quite large. Definitely will be back

The dish was alright. The portion is not exactly big. If it wasnt for the one for one probably won't get it. Not amazing but not too bad either. Sashimi taste fresh. Bought no. 2 of the menu, there is salmon, tuna and swordfish cube and also a shrimp and scallop

First time there and definitely won't be my last. Personal food goal would be to try everything on their menu. Slightly on the pricier side at $36 for these 2 meals but worth the price. The steak was juicy and nicely seasoned. Meat sauce was delicious as well. Can't wait to try their mentaiko pasta next.

Food was ravishing. The matcha set comes with cookie crumbs while the signature chocolate set comes with cereal. The cold ice cream with the warm lava and cripsy edge of the cookie was a perfect mix. The refreshing tea helps to neutralise the sweet dessert.

The warm chocolate/matcha lava and creaminess of the ice cream mixed with the crunch of the cookie and crispy bites from the cereal/cookie crumb was the perfect concoction.

Would definitely visit again.


Highly recommend garlic parmesan and louisiana rub flavours. Previously tried the classic wings but it's not as good as the other types of chicken offered

Really different from any other pearl. Extremely soft pearls that are like marshmallows

The queue wasn't very long. The matcha taste was strong and overpowered the brown sugar. It's nice that it wasn't overly sweet. But i think that at the price of $6.30, it wasn't really worth it.

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Share 2 of this between 5 people after lunch. Felt that the portion was just nice. May be too much for only 2 people.