When I around bishan area, I like to go for Ming Kee chicken rice 😄 They give generous portions with affordable price 😋

Once their chicken is cook, they dunk it into ice water, it will create bouncy jelly-like fats under the skin, very juicy and tender making every bite a succulent. Average cost is about $4-6/pax.

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Their Tom Yum mama is a must have dish!
The taste are very authentic and delicious. This is the dish i will purposely travel all the way to here to eat!😍 We can't stop eating after we start, especially when the noodles absorb the tom yum soup with eggs, the taste are very addictive! We finish everything (Nothing left in the pot at all 😆 LOL)

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Vietnamese savoury miniature pancakes with tiger prawn and coconut cream, you will want to have more after finish one 😆

Hanoi style vermicelli with grilled fatty pork served with light, warm fish sauce was refreshing and delicious. grilled fatty pork was beautifully seasoned and charred.

Chocolate moist cake, on top with orange brulee, orange gel with vanilla ice cream 😋⠀⠀⠀⠀

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can you imagine a risotto with taste of otah?😮 The origin of this dish was from an ingenious 9 year old named Sophia, this dish inspired by local delight otah, Cooked with mackerel, chilli, coconut and topped with crabmeat.

you won’t want to miss this Salmon sashimi cubes mixture of avocado, jalapeño, cucumber Topped off with ikura and edible flowers 😍

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Highly Recommended to try this, The beef cheeks were being very soft and tender, you can feel the meat melt in your mouth, it comes with pickled red bombay onion and mash potato.😋

The Cheese Steak are well marinatedin spices, the taste is like having korean bbq, with american cheddar cheese in the burger very flavourful.😄

Burpple beyond members enjoy 1 for 1 main 😋

The communal place is a great place to hang out with friends and family, the food and drinks come with distinct flowery taste and i personally like their ambience a lot, it suitable for both casual and special occasion. ☺️
The Foie masago is very creamy and delicious, the taste is quite close to cabonara, this is the dish you should try out if you like creamy base pasta😋

Enjoy 1 for 1 with burpple beyond 😍

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Enjoy a large 12-inch Pepperoni pizza (8 slices🍕) with affordable price only costs $7.99! All their pizza are freshly made and using ingredients such as Pepperoni and Mozzarella Cheese shipped directly from the US! Value of money 😋


Affordable bowl of unagi rice came with onsen egg, seaweed salad, and come with their homemade tamago mentai. You can pour the soup into the don and enjoy it as a porridge too 😄

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