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Prata & Teh Tarik Really simple but also done really well - crispy yet fluffy prata, washed down with a mug of creamy teh.
Chicken Murtabak - It’s Big Enough To Be Shared By Two, Springleaf Prata Place is in my opinion, on another level with their food. Take their Chicken Murtabak for example. Aesthetically a design lover’s dream, it fits perfectly on the silver tray it is served on. Such precision creates a modern graphic look which is an interesting contrast to a very traditional dish. In terms of taste, I think the Murtabak is good as the dough itself is very thin and fried to a glorious golden-brown crisp. The minced chicken filling though can be a tad dry but once curry is splashed on, it is no longer an issue. Especially since Springleaf Prata Place does a most excellent fish curry that’s aromatic and thick. Another plus point? It is free-flow. I have long loved fresh green chilli in my Prata and Murtabak, so I pay extra for some to be thrown in. If you are keen to have a fruity brightness and heat cutting through, I recommend giving it a go.
Red Bean Prata - What A Great Snack This Makes. My parents, especially my dad, like red bean desserts, so when my friend Annette told me how much she and her brother enjoy the Red Bean Prata at @springleafprataplace is, I knew I had to order one for them to try. It was a hit! Even after about the ten minutes it took me to travel to my parents’ home, the thin dough of the prata was crispy. And it stayed that way after cooling down completely. It was such a lovely combo with the smooth and sweet red bean paste filling. It paired nicely with freshly-made hot coffee.
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For Pocket-Friendly Korean BBQ With its affordable price tag, adequate ventilation and large dining area, this casual Korean barbecue buffet is the perfect spot to messily eat your heart out with the gang. The Weekday Lunch is the ultimate steal – at just $14.90 per pax, help yourself to the a wide variety of free-flow meats, seafood and Korean dishes. Don't miss out on the tasty Japchae (glass noodles) and crispy Pajeon (pancake), as recommended by the community. Photo by Burppler Blanche Tan
🤤When’s the last time you had KBBQ? . For an affordable price tag, help yourself to the endless cuts of meat at @k.cooksg – from marinated pork collar, chicken, pork belly, pork collar, marinated beef short rib, beef bulgogi, beef plate eye & marinated beef ribeye, along with seafood like prawns, squid, clams, and accompanying condiments. . Expect no less from their cooked food selection with salivating options like their Korean soy sauce fried chicken, kimchi pancakes, vegetable pancakes. seaweed rolls, japchae, kimbap, spicy rice cakes, dumplings, fried rice, kimchi soup, seaweed soup and an extensive salad bar with Korean chewy noodles, pasta/potato salad, seaweed salad, banchan dishes, fruits and many more! Don’t forget to go for their vanilla soft serve with unlimited toppings, or DIY your own coke float for the gram! . Boasting a large dining area with both air-conditioned and alfresco seating with huge projector playing popular Kpop music videos, be spoilt for choice as you settle at their Orchard Central space which overlooks the lively stretch of Orchard road. No worries after all the sizzle, as they have multiple types of Febreze ready for you to continue your shopping spree!
KCook KBBQ Went to Kcook and was delighted that they remained consistent compared to my past visits a year ago and 2 years ago😂 Id personally go for their kimchi pancake and japchae alongside 2-3 selections per meat type😋 Lunch was affordable at a price of $14.90 for students!! Thus give it a try, since the cooked/ready to eat food are slightly different from the average KBBQ places👍🏻
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