Kinda sad that Donya had announced the closure of their Queen Street outlet this weekend, 15 March 2020 — their Salmon Mentaiko Don being one of my favourite items to have here.

Liked how this is so simple, yet so satisfying — a thick slab of crisp, fried salmon with an equally crisp skin that comes drenched in a generous amount of Mentaiko Mayo, torched before serving; always loved how the salmon comes with its moisture locked in, so ever succulent and juicy while the Mentaiko Mayo provides a umami flavour and slight smokiness, while the pearly, short-grain rice comes drenched with Teriyaki sauce for a savoury flavour. Really liked how affordable this is at $8.80; good enough for an occasional treat for lunch on a work day — a shame that they are shifting out of this ‘hood real soon.