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Glad this chain came to our shores!! The ingredients used tasted very fresh and good compared to your usual mala stores. Must adds: beancurd skin (!!!), luncheon meat, potato slice, pork collar 😋😋 they literally cooked this to perfection. 👍

I love myself a good bowl of Chinese noodles. Must say I haven’t tried anything quite like this in Singapore. Noodles are irregular and thick, but taste so well with the chilli and tomato sauce. Tried the rou jia mo as well, but think the noodles are more worth the trip down here for.

So good we ordered two of these! The quality of sashimi here never disappoints. Topped off with the fresh flavours of some lime, capsicum and parsley, this is sure to whet your appetite.

My favourite and highlight of the night! Meat is soft, tender and so flavourful I almost didn’t want to share this dish with anyone else 😂 In objectivity, portions here are pretty large for mains and you can def share with a few folks. Ambience here is fab and perfect for a date night.

Way too many onions in this dish! But the thinner noodles used here was delish. Can’t choose the thickness of noodles but it’s less than 2mm - which is the default for the noodles soup. It’s still a good choice if you are looking for something different but i’ll probably just stick to the noodles soup next time!

Have been looking for a good rou jia mo for ages! Am glad they offered this here. Has a truly China flavour as it reminded me of the same I had in Beijing. Thought it was a bit pricey as the meat filling wasn’t too to the brim either. However the taste is definitely good, do try! P/s do expect it to be oily!

Gave this unassuming shop tucked away at the corner of level 3 VivoCity a shot as I’m a big fan of Shejianjian. Noodles were a bit soft for my liking but the broth is pretty good mixed with the chilli! They are now running a promo for 50% off the second dish, so go try while it lasts!

Missing some good ol’ Chinese fare so we tried this famous chain from China. Really good broth and noodles over here. They have 8 different types of noodles for you to pick! 😋 you’re definitely gonna be spoilt for choice.

Seasonal dessert (i think) and it was pretty good! Haven’t tried orh nee like this before so it was a pleasant surprise 👍🏻

Worth the trip to this Punggol corner even though the area is under renovation. Love how the beehoon soaks up the tasty sauce! The place is rather small so avoid peak hours otherwise you’ll have to wait for quite a while!

Came here for lunch with colleagues and am surprised with the quality of chicken and sides! The service was really good, despite them mixing up our orders but handling the situation with grace and giving us the additional sides we originally ordered. For the price, iSteaks is definitely worth it!

You can’t leave Yun Nans without ordering this! The flavour that comes through because of the grill and spices is a perfect combination of taste. Great for sharing with family, this dish is sure to wow. Choose a higher spicy level to kick it up a notch! 🌶