Meat was tender and juicy; spice mix on point. The mushroom somen ($6) was a meal on its own - sauce is very flavourful; somen soft and tender.

Vegetables were bursting with flavour. It was very filling; staff very attentive.

Very good - sauce was fantastic but the pork could be a bit more tender.

Served as an appetiser, the chili is really the star: there are two different types of chilis, and both are great.

The Keluak Curry is a must-have: it contains a complex mix of chicken and pork belly, combined with buah keluak. The sauce was so good. The buah keluak had a bit of a liquor aftertaste.

The turmeric cabbage was nice.

The fish was really juicy and tender the sambal is pleasantly spicy. Fantastic.

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Seabass is juicy and tender and the skin is crisp. Sauce is nice.

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Delicious - the sweet sauce, cream sauce, and the juicy salmon all worked together to form a flavourful dish. Very chill atmosphere too.

Had this with Burpple 1-for-1. Tangy and flavourful tomato sauce. Chicken leg was quite tender and Brussels sprouts were soft and well-cooked.

Noodles were springy and firm. The dashi and bonito flakes were full of savoury flavour. Excellent.