Strongly flavoured soup, and the tempura batter was rather clean tasting - quite nice. Only disappointment is that the only difference between the veg tempura udon and the tempura udon is the addition of a prawn - which, while large, doesn’t justify a price difference of $5++.

Chock full of ingredients which were quite fresh. The chili had kick and tasted strongly of shrimp.

Unique fusion food, especially the mix of chili and cheese sauce (albeit rather spicy).

Pasta was al dente and the touch of chili was great. Octopus leg was tender and had delicious charred bits on the exterior

Fantastic dish - the salmon was fork-tender and perfectly seared; there was additional salmon mixed into the pasta sauce; the salad was a great topping, and the cream wasn’t too heavy.

Delicious - the vegetables were very peppery and the salmon skin was crispy and full of flavour

Very generous with the prawns; sauce was quite nice.

Vegetarian risotto with their home made bibimbap sauce - very unique taste and the mushrooms were very flavourful.

Not as sour as expected for tom yum, but the pasta was nice and firm and very generous with the clams.

Salmon bowl was really filling but a bit dry, though the salmon was really tasty. Fowl Play (chicken) was ok and the avocado and vegetables were very generous.

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The food was really spicy even though I asked for the lowest level of spiciness... also forgot to take a photo of the dead cockroach in a corner beside the cashier...

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