a vanilla latte and a earl grey tea bun (breakfast set)
$5 + $1 = $6 (topup for vanilla latte)

Earl Grey Tea Bun
• very soft on the inside and crispy on the outside
• like how the bun is not too much flavour, the taste is just nice

Vanilla latte
• staff are very friendly about my request for less vanilla syrup (less sweet)
• taste still good

Overall nice place to chill with pretty lighting and decorations
Many buns to choose from and some selection of drinks


Simple and nice
Ordered a variety of other food (Maggi Goreng, prata)
• all taste great and will definitely come back again to try all!

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$28 ++ (1-for-1 with Burpple)

Generous portion as seen in the photo. Service was great too as food came promptly and staff were friendly

There were 3 choices of eggs to choose from and the scrambled eggs was really well done.
Overall, there is a variety in the dish.
The mushroom - there was not much taste though.


One of the best tapas I have tasted!!! Will definitely be back but only for this dish. The prawns texture was great together with the crispy buns. The most impressive part of this dish is the sauce. It tastes so great that it is great even on its own (yes we drank the sauce like soup/gravy)

When the dish arrived, the smell has already captivated us. In the end, the taste - we were sold


Paella Mixta
• not bad. Think that there are better Paella out there though. The portion and ingredients were really generous. Was not easy to catch the staff’s attention there though there’re not many customers. Overall, not bad experience because their other dish. But will probably not come back again.

#118 Kyoto Matcha Latte
$6.80 +

Ordering was really easy by scanning a qr code on the table, we can order and pay through the webpage and the orders will arrive shortly.
On the website, we can view our orders as well, which is really cool in my opinion.

Really cosy place to chill with friends and spend the afternoon in. They also provide free flow of water. Great service.

Overall, nice place with decent food and drinks.


Was left with only Plain Bagel when we arrived, so was quite disappointed. Nevertheless, bagel still taste great!! Great combination between the pork and the salsa sauce. It gets quite crowded on weekends, so lucky we managed to get seats at the moment we arrived.

Great service, friendly staff and cashier
• food was prepared very promptly
• seats was limited but the turnover rate was ok, we didn’t wait very long
• will definitely be back again for the great and crispy toasts, hot drinks and soft boiled eggs

This is going to be one of the best starbucks experience
Staff here are very friendly and cheerful
• food and drinks were prepared very promptly
• nice and soft music in the background
• great place to chill


First time trying Yomie, wanted to get the Hot Pumpkin Fresh Milk with Pistachio, it sounds so good but they ran out of Pumpkin. Will definitely come back and try it

Purple Rice Yogurt (recommended by the staff)
- drink is really thick and rich
- they blend/mix the drink upon ordering
- felt that it can be a meal replacement since the portion is generous and the thick texture

- simple shop layout with music
- not many tables to sit (maybe due to covid)


Looks great, taste great, satisfied tummy
• the texture of the noodles was just nice when serves together with the generous portion of vegetable, prawn and fishcake
• portion was just nice
• will definitely be back to try other dishes

May need to queue during meal times, so I guess it is universally great in taste for their dishes


• staff recommended: Banana Chocolate cake, Blueberry Lavender cake and lemon tart
• we tried the Banana Chocolate cake and Blueberry Lavender cake and fell in love with both 😍😍
• there were bits of banana in the cake and the chocolate went well with the banana, and the best part is it was not too sweet, just nice
• additionally, the Blueberry Lavender cake was very aromatic, the lavender smell and taste was strong enough and the blueberry toppings used were very fresh

Would come back to try the other pastries the next time!