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It's an absolute Muay visit for those who have kids or those people who want to experience a snow in Singapore. Yes u read right, literally a snow story at Siloso beach where you can enjoy traditional bingsoo with rice powder and almonds in it or go in the fruity direction and opt for a mango or strawberry bingsoo. One major difference between this place and others is that they use shaved milk ice instead or regular ice.
The cafe also serves other Flavours such as Oreo and cheesecake. The owner of this bingsoo cafe is extremely sweet and she's done a fantastic jin of setting up this dessert cafe. Kudos to Snowstory for bringing a Christmassy magical feeling when we step into this cute little Korean dessert cafe.

Spoiler Alert ahead! Stop reading if you don't want to ruin your surprise!!

The mango bingsoo has really tasty red beans in it whereas the strawberry doesn't.

We had a Victoria sponge cake and the Hummingbird cake. The coconut flavour in the hummingbird cake came through like, "hey girl hey" 😄 Really well executed cake. Will certainly return for more. For now, "Let them eat Cake!" 🍰 #cakespade #burpple #girltime #brunch🍴 #rainydays☔️ #singaporelife


Freshly baked red velvet lava cookie topped with a scoop of Black pearl ice cream. TBH, I didn't expect it to be this good and that black pearl ice cream was soooooo delish that I tried to hog it all by myself. Alas, my attempts were defeated by an evil mind aka Bae aka ice cream stealer. #redvelvetcookies #icecream #freshlybaked #thecreamerycafe #shotoniphone #icecreambaes #rainydays☔️ #burpple

The culinary delinquent in me made a beeline to PS Cafe on my cheat day for a smooth cherry alcohol-y creamy coffee-y yummalicious Black Cherry Tiramisu. Definitely a double thumbs up. Pairs nicely with ice tea or a nice glass of wine (sshh, it's 5pm somewhere right) ;)

This is my second time at Picnic. Couldn't help going back for more 😀 this time around, we tried the chicken tacos and dayumm, they were juicy and tasty. We went a bit late and most of the stalls were closing down and we quickly ordered the tacos and lemonade. What we didn't realize was that 1 order($16) meant 3 tacos, and we ordered 2. In the end, we had to pack some and now, I'm looking forward to wake up and have a yummy breakfast! :D hopefully the tacos stay nice and do not become soggy overnight. Quantity is not bad for $16. It's good to remember that we pay for the ambience too. Will definitely go back again to try some more dishes!

If you are looking for a healthy lunch/supper/dinner, The Daily Cut is the pace you should head to. You can choose from petite($9), regular($12) , large($15) and extra large($18) bowls. Each comes with proportionate servings of carbs, proteins, supplements, dressing and a topping. The Daily Cut helps you keep a track of what you are eating. Fitness freaks will love the place. Don't let the word petite fool you, the portions are generous. You get too add avocado and mozzarella for an additional dollar each. You can either opt to eat in or take away. #healthylife


One of my favorite item of the evening! Uni on top of ikura and Japanese sushi rice. It's creamy uni with a burst of briny ikura that coated the plump Japanese rice all in a single mouthful. And you know I can't resist dainty looking food, sometimes I just want to bring them home 😅

Grilled chicken sandwich was really good
The combination of mustard, fresh pesto and caramelized onions was perfect. Goes well with a glass of dry white wine.

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Tbh, for $4.50, I got quite a lot of food! Felt nice after a long day of shopping. The noodles was a bit clumpy though, maybe because I went around 9pm.


Po-tay-toh / Po-tah-toh, call it whatever u want but don't miss out this soup ($8 lunch/ $9 dinner) at Picnic. It's warm and comforting, it's good for you, peeps! Eat for your soul, not your tummy.

This crepe, priced at $8, is too pretty to eat. The strawberries and pistachios go beautifully with the mascaporne. Me being me, opted for an extra scoop of salted caramel gelato($5) and man, it was yum!! Head over to Picnic and experience it for yourself! #culinarydeliquency #crepe #picnic #burpple

Craving for local delights? Make a bee line to Chinatown food street. The area transports people back to China, filled with rich heritage and delicious food. Soak in the atmosphere and let the tastebuds dance in celebration. The black carrot cake($4.50/6) is exceptionally delicious. The stall had won a well -deserved award for excellent culinary skills.