Flavorful iberico pork which is soft and chewy. Prices are all in nett and conducive for studying!


This toffeenut pudding with vanilla ice cream is a must order here!

Hahah very very visually stunning display of a burger in murder state. Just this appearance instagram worthy enough lol. Taste wise; found the patty tad too salty; could have caramelized the bacon to achieve a balance of sweet yet savoury as it is just too salty imo.. plus point is that the staff is definitely very friendly and attentive and prices are all in nett. Forsee a good crowd strolling in their interior is really cool looking and most importantly its a halal cafe! REjoice for the muslim burpplers yah!

Went on a sunday for their brunch and love the friendly service. Lightings was slightly dim indoors and we have to make do with the best of the natural lightings from the window. Pulled pork hash was a tad overpowering for me as the charred flavour is quite strong; perhaps pull porked burger might works for me instead :p but we definitely love the poached egg laying on top which flows delicately upon the slicing of the knife.

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Waffles with greek yoghurt and apple compote goes quite well together even tough the yoghurt may be alittle too sourish for me. Wash it down with one of their signature cold brew. And yes, the staffs there are very approachable friendly and i really love the ambience of this cafe situated at farrer park.

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Very interesting concept of pork burgers only sold at this joint. Had this sumo burger which has a bellygood serving of pork patty and crispy battered pork belly. Its quite a mouthful. The pork patty was juicy and well pan fried while the battered pork belly may be a tad dried, no worries as burger orders comes in a set with fries and drinks. Owner is friendly and introduces us everything on the menu! Thumbs up for that and definitely worth a return sometime soon!

Went on their second day of operation and their interior tables of hot pink certainly is wow factor. Had this matcha cupcake topped with sake frosting and chocolate fan. Very pretty looking and taste good albeit the matcha taste could have been further enhanced. This shop is rather hidden as they are located in the inner part of the Building along stretch of shops (cake spade, souper sarnies)

Matcha almond milk that goes well on its own or with granola for brekkie! Really refreshing. Milk from themlknco

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